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The 30-Minute Millionaire

In this brand new book, investing experts and best-selling authors Peter J. Tanous and Jeff Cox reveal how anyone, no matter their income or investing experience, can follow a step-by-step guide to grow their nest egg in only 30 minutes per week.

The 30-Minute Millionaire
The 30-Minute Millionaire

Whether you're new to investing or already preparing for retirement, this book will provide practical advice with specific examples, giving you the tools and knowledge you need to become financially secure.

You will discover how to:

  • Build a well-balanced, risk-mitigated portfolio
  • Achieve consistent returns over the long run through a passive approach
  • Follow contemporary asset allocation rules and objectives
  • Maintain discipline and patience in the face of difficult markets
  • Avoid common, and not-so-common, investing pitfalls
  • Invest in ETFs, commodities, gold, and other assets
  • Ignore time-consuming market reports
  • Understand the Fed's role in the economy and financial markets

The 30-Minute Millionaire also contains exclusive interviews with a handful of Wall Street heavyweights that will provide insight into how to best build a seven-figure nest egg, their outlook for the economy and stock market, and much more.

You will also get a precise blueprint to follow to build the best portfolio for your exact situation, including what investments to consider, and how much to put into each individual investment. This type of information is typically only available to hedge fund clients, but the authors wanted to make sure everyone looking to achieve financial security had access to this valuable information.

The authors also give detailed instructions on exactly how much cash you'll need to start (less than you think!).

This book retails for $24.99 online, but you can secure your copy today for only $4.95 s/h when you agree to the second part of this special offer, a 3-month trial subscription to The Dividend Machine newsletter.

In The 30-Minute Millionaire you will discover the steps to take towards building your seven-figure nest egg.

In The Dividend Machine newsletter, you will hear from a man who followed the exact same steps laid out in the book to build his own seven-figure nest egg after starting with just $9,000. What better way to reach your goals than to be coached by someone who has walked the path himself?

In each issue of The Dividend Machine, Bill Spetrino will recommend an investment you can consider adding to your portfolio to help you build your nest egg. Past recommendations have shown readers gains as high as 320%, 437%, and an incredible 491%, all with safe, reliable blue-chip stocks.

That's why we are so confident that you, too, could reach millionaire status with everything you will discover in The 30-Minute Millionaire and The Dividend Machine newsletter, no matter how much you start with.

Get started on the path to your dream retirement! Secure your copy of The 30-Minute Millionaire and start your 3-month trial to The Dividend Machine today!

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