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Dear Friend:

It’s hard to argue with success — wouldn’t you agree?

And I don’t mean to brag . . . well, maybe just a little . . . but there’s no denying that my guide to generating a lifetime of double-digit income, The Dividend Machine, is a huge success.

In fact, The Dividend Machine has been rated the #1 low-risk newsletter by the prestigious Hulbert Financial Digest.

That’s because, unlike many other investment publications out there, it has the proven results to back up the sterling reputation.

I’m talking about gains like 515.9% (on Gilead Science) . . . 377.9% (on Altria) . . . 266.6% (on Visa, Inc.) . . . 167.9% (on Yum! Brands) . . . 167.5% (on Abbott Laboratories) . . . 156.2% (on Johnson & Johnson) . . .

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Of the stocks currently in my Dividend Machine portfolio, 13 are sporting triple-digit gains, 13 are up by double digits, and five more are also in positive territory and rising.

What’s my “secret” to finding stocks that go up consistently? And, more importantly, how can YOU apply it to build a more secure future for yourself and your family?

I’ll share that with you in a moment. But first, allow me to introduce myself . . .

My name is Bill Spetrino. And it may surprise you to learn that I’m just an “ordinary guy” who discovered an extraordinary source of wealth-building income.

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I only earned a six-figure salary once during my working career. I don’t live in New York City or London. I’m just an average Joe who was born and raised — and still lives — in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.

I have a modest house, drive an old Jeep Cherokee, and prefer blue jeans to expensive suits. And yet . . . I’m a multimillionaire.

No, I didn’t inherit a fortune. In fact, I spent years as a hardworking, tax-paying, middle-class American, just like everybody else.

But you know what? I still found a way to make enough money to retire at age 42. Only, I didn’t retire. Instead, I decided to do what I do best — make myself and other people wealthy.

And now, I want to share with you the investment secret that has allowed me to achieve absolute financial security.

As you probably know, being a successful investor requires focus, determination, and versatility. But none of those things will do you any good if your investment strategy is misguided to begin with.

The truth be told . . .

The best way to generate significant income is by reinvesting dividends.

Take those huge gains I mentioned earlier. Any investor would gladly have them in his or her portfolio.

But if you look past the gaudy numbers, you will see why I am a successful investor: A vast majority of the companies in my portfolio are solid dividend payers.

Consider: Philip Morris, the tobacco company, produced a 17% average annual return when dividends were reinvested in the company’s shares.

National Dairy Products, now Kraft Foods, gives its shareholders annual returns of 15.47% . . .

. . . and Coca-Cola produces 14.33% average annual returns year after year after year.

The fact is, dividends (income) pretty much trump everything when it comes to investing . . . especially when you’re investing for retirement.

That’s why I started my newsletter, The Dividend Machine — to help average investors like you learn the secret of successful investing that I just shared with you, the secret that made me rich enough to “retire” at 42.

Like you, I have zero tolerance for market “gurus” who are all talk and no payoff. As far as I’m concerned, you’re only as good as your record — and mine is pretty darn good.

Since launching The Dividend Machine in early 2009, during the worst market since the Great Depression, our portfolio has posted eye-popping profits like the ones I mentioned earlier.

And far more important, The Dividend Machine portfolio is very safe. Of the 29 positions I have sold, there have only been two (yes, two!) losing trades. And my open positions keep pumping out cash like clockwork. It's the ONLY advisory service that provides you with my handpicked recommendations for building your own personal Dividend Machine — one that could eventually pay you thousands (perhaps even tens of thousands) of dollars a month in dividend income.

Subscribers to The Dividend Machine couldn’t be more pleased. Here’s what some of them have to say:

“You are the most refreshing voice in the investment world I have ever heard. I find you exceedingly real and honest. I found The Dividend Machine in the middle of 2010. I started with approximately $250K in assets in our IRAs at the time and have increased that to over $1.3 million as of the middle of 2015. You are responsible for the fact that my wife and I are feeling more comfortable at the moment.” — Bob H.

“I have been following (Bill) for almost two years and I have yet to lose money on a single stock that he has recommended to me. His methodology is practically a no-brainer!” — Patrick M.

“I would like to take this opportunity just to tell you how much I appreciate you and how much I value your input. Thank you for being you and your dedication to helping the ‘little’ guy take control of his finances. You are greatly appreciated.” — Paysi G.

The Dividend Machine has been so successful that Newsmax recently launched a complementary newsletter, the Spetrino Inner Circle — a more active trading version of The Dividend Machine — to give investors the opportunity for quicker trades.

In fact, the very first trade in the Spetrino Inner Circle was so lucrative that many subscribers paid for their entire annual membership from just that one trade. Here’s what one subscriber had to say:

"I made 13.2% in less than two weeks on the FIRST trade!

"FYI, I made enough on this first trade to pay for a lifetime subscription to your service!" — Dave M.

With both The Dividend Machine and the Spetrino Inner Circle in your arsenal, you can safely and steadily build your wealth – turning a few thousand dollars into a fortune you can use for a worry-free retirement or leave to your children.

But there’s something else that I am incredibly proud of that I would like to tell you about today.

I've just put the finishing touches on a brand-new book that reveals my simple secret to achieving absolute financial security. It’s entitled The Great American Dividend Machine . . . and I'd like to send you a copy immediately.

The book details how I got started on the road to absolute financial security – and how, by following a few easy rules, you can set yourself on the path to millionaire status.

If you’re worried about securing your retirement, saving for your children’s education, or just having enough money to live how and where you choose, The Great American Dividend Machine will become an invaluable roadmap.

The Great American Dividend Machine also contains testimonials from everyday Americans who have found their own absolute financial security by following my approach.

Like Jay C., a staff radiologist from Atlanta, Georgia, whose portfolio has appreciated by close to $1 million since he started following my advice . . .

Or Robert H., a certified public accountant in Arizona, who was on the verge of financial ruin before he started following my strategy. Since then, Robert has made more than $170,000 just from my recommendations . . .

I’ve Never Made This Offer Before

Today, I want to make you an offer I have never made before.

I want to give you:

  • One year of full access to The Dividend Machine newsletter. This includes the 12 monthly issues where you will get new stocks recommendations to consider adding to your portfolio, weekly stock market commentaries, podcasts, trade alerts, special reports, and access to the members-only website. Normal price: $109/year.
  • One year of full access to the Spetrino Inner Circle. This includes between 24-30 new trade recommendations a year, weekly updates on the portfolio, podcasts, and access to the members-only website. Normal price: $497/year.
  • A copy of my brand-new book, The Great American Dividend Machine. Here you will discover the steps you need to take to become a millionaire and achieve financial freedom. Retail price: $24.95.

This bundle would cost you $630.95 to purchase individually.

I want to send you ALL of this for only $379.95.

That’s a 40% discount off the regular price.

Again, I have never made this offer before. I’m not sure how long my publisher will let me run this offer, so please don’t delay.

But that’s not all. You will also get my unprecedented . . .

60-day risk-free guarantee when you join
The Dividend Machine and the Spetrino Inner Circle.

Get new stock recommendations, short-term profit opportunities, weekly updates, and podcasts; study my portfolio, and access my members-only website — for up to 60 days.

If you’re not 100% delighted with the dividend stocks you discover through The Dividend Machine newsletter and the wonderful short-term trade opportunities I will deliver to you in the Spetrino Inner Circle . . .

Or if you’re not completely blown away by the path to financial freedom I will lay out for you step-by-step in The Great American Dividend Machine . . .

If you don’t immediately see the advantages of making your investments PAY YOU MONEY over and over
again . . . just let me know within the first 60 days and you’ll get a full refund of your money, less $24.95 for the cost of The Great American Dividend Machine book.

No questions asked.

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Please, don’t put this off and miss your chance to cash in on my proven path to absolute financial security. This is a special subscription offer that has never been offered before and won’t last long.

Plus, you have nothing to lose . . . and everything to gain . . . by discovering how your own Dividend Machine could pour thousands of extra dollars into your investment account month after month.

These are the kinds of investments that make people wealthy over time — the kinds of investments that have made me wealthy.

If you're not investing in the right blue-chip dividend stocks, you're probably cheating yourself out of a SIGNIFICANT amount of retirement income.

That's why I urge you to accept this offer right this minute.

You'll get IMMEDIATE access to The Dividend Machine and Spetrino Inner Circle websites, and a copy of The Great American Dividend Machine book will be mailed to your door.

And as I said before, you may cancel any time within the first 60 days of your subscription and receive a full refund less the $24.95 cost of The Great American Dividend Machine book.

The key to absolute financial security can be yours TODAY!

Best wishes,

Bill Spetrino

Your Membership Includes:

  • 12 Issues of The Dividend Machine newsletter
  • 1-year Access to the Spetrino Inner Circle
  • A copy of my book The Great American Dividend Machine

A $630.95 value, yours for only $379.95!


Yes, send me my copy of The Great American Dividend Machine and start my subscriptions to the Spetrino Inner Circle and The Dividend Machine newsletters.

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