Bill Spetrino, author of The Great American Dividend Machine, at his home.

On the face of it, Bill Spetrino looks like an ordinary middle-class guy. He has a modest house, drives an old Jeep Cherokee, and wears Levi's jeans.

That seems pretty typical for a man who wasn't born with a silver spoon and never earned a six-figure salary.

So it might surprise you to learn that Bill is a millionaire.

In fact he’s worth over $7 million and he started investing with just $9,000!

Bill has been so successful using the investing approaches he discovered that he has lived 100% worry free since he retired at the age of 42.

Like many Americans, Bill used to worry about money. But when he discovered the secrets of dividend stock investing, he found a way to have some of America's largest companies completely fund his living expenses and much more!

How did he do it?

Bill discovered a simple forgotten investment secret about 20 years ago, and using that secret, he has amassed a fortune.

And now, for the first time ever, Bill has written down this simple forgotten secret he used to achieve absolute financial security in his book, The Great American Dividend Machine.

The Great American Dividend Machine has already become a #1 Amazon best-seller.

In The Great American Dividend Machine Bill reveals how any ordinary American can become a millionaire.

He explains that “5 Simple Strategies” have been time-tested and work, but warns that your stock broker will hate that you know this.

Bill has a proven track record, so he knows his methods work.

In fact, in 2009 Bill launched his own investment newsletter. It’s called The Dividend Machine.

Since it launched, Bill’s conservative portfolio has been up 156 percent!

What’s amazing is that Bill guides investors to avoid the Wall Street casino — no risky stocks here!

Bill’s record is so phenomenal that the highly respected Hulbert Financial Digest has rated his Dividend Machine newsletter as the #1 “low risk” newsletter out of the thousands of newsletters it reviews.

You need to begin on your own road to great wealth and you can start by getting Bill’s best-seller.

It will show you how to find absolute financial security while revealing a few simple, easy-to-follow rules that can set you on the path to millionaire status.

Now, you could choose to get Bill’s book from Amazon or other sellers for $24.95, and pay around $5 shipping as well — but if you take our special offer below you get Bill’s book for $4.95 plus a 3-month trial subscription to his top-rated Dividend Machine newsletter!

This is a HUGE savings.

Bill has agreed to make this offer because he is a low-risk investor, and he knows he is making a low-risk investment in you!

He knows that once you start digging into his advice and strategies, and begin following his stock recommendations, there is simply no turning back — you are with him forever!

More than 100,000 Americans follow Bill’s sound and valuable advice each month.

For example, you could be like Jay C., a staff radiologist from Atlanta, Georgia, whose portfolio has appreciated by close to $1 million since he started following Bill's advice.

Or Bill G., who says he trusts Bill more than his own doctor.

And then there's Robert H., a certified public accountant from Arizona, who was on the verge of financial ruin before he started following Bill.

Since that point, Robert has made over $170,000 just from Bill's recommendations.

So don’t miss this incredible offer.

Get Bill's book, The Great American Dividend Machine, which normally retails for $24.95, for $4.95 with a 3-month trial subscription to his monthly investment newsletter, The Dividend Machine.

That’s less than the cost of the book — PLUS for the next 3 months you will partner with Bill as he reveals new investment recommendations to add to your portfolio.

You can study Bill's analysis, learn from his insight, and gain control of your financial future.

And naturally, you will gain access to his entire stock portfolio.

Take the first step to absolute financial security as you walk on the road to great wealth!

Claim Your Book for Just $4.95 With This Special Offer!


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