Ordinary Man Trounced the Market
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The Dividend Machine, written by Bill Spetrino, has been hailed by Mark Hulbert of the Hulbert Financial Digest as the #1 low-risk newsletter in the industry, based on performance.

One look at the portfolio tells you why the newsletter deserves such acclaim. It is filled with companies from all across the globe that hold a dominant position in their industries.

And these companies use that dominant position to generate piles and piles of cash, which they return in shareholders in the form of dividends.

But not just any dividend payer will qualify for inclusion in The Dividend Machine portfolio.

In order to be added to the portfolio, it must meet a very stringent set of criteria that Bill has set forth. And it must have one final factor above all: it must be priced right.

The Dividend Machine is a culmination of more than 20 years of Bill's personal experience investing in high-quality dividend stocks.

In fact, it is the exact same investing philosophy that allowed Bill to walk away from his 9-to-5 job at the age of 42 and live comfortably on the income from his investments alone.

As a member of The Dividend Machine, you will be partners with Bill. For only $199 per year, you will be able to study his analysis, learn from his insight, and gain knowledge from his vast investment experience.

In short, you will have one of the world's leading experts in dividend investing working with you side-by-side every month. And each month Bill will recommend a new opportunity to consider adding to your personal Dividend Machine portfolio.

We have received overwhelming feedback from individuals looking for a way to invest that eschews leveraged vehicles and risky IPO's and focuses on what matters most: buying great companies and letting them pay you. Here's what they had to say about The Dividend Machine:

F. S. from New York confided, "Like most, I spent much of my early investing trying to hit the big 10-bagger. But I always failed. Had I been exposed to this idea 25 years ago I would be way farther ahead."

James B. from Kingstree, S.C. said, "Averaged 20% gain in 6 months. I wish I'd known about it years ago."

And Evelyn C. from Santa Monica, Calif., who admitted, "It's the first time in 5 years that I've actually come out ahead of my investments!"

Simply fill out the form below to become Bill's newest partner in The Dividend Machine for one year (issues) of only $114.95.

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