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We have until March 1st before any price change takes place . . . after that, The Dividend Machine will cost $199 per year.

However, I was able to negotiate a one-time offer for current subscribers that we have never made before . . .

This offer includes:

  • My monthly newsletter: The same monthly newsletter that has guided over 70,000 subscribers to safer market-beating investments for the last eight years . . .
  • My #1-rated model portfolio: The model portfolio that has achieved a total return of 192% since its inception in 2009. Open positions include Altria (up 565%), Visa (up 361%), Gilead Sciences (up 365%) . . . and so many other double-digit and triple-digit winners . . .
  • My weekly email updates: Each Tuesday morning, I will continue to send you an email with my insights on what is happening to the stock market, and more importantly, your positions . . .
  • My weekly podcasts: Each Thursday morning, I will send you my off-the-cuff thoughts on a few of our stock picks, so you get insight that you can't get anywhere else . . .
  • My trade alerts: When it is time to exit a position, I will shoot you an email telling you to sell . . .
  • All of my special reports: Including the “9a Income Stream” report, the “Rich by Friday” report, and any new reports that I publish . . .
  • And anything else that I develop in the future for subscribers. Ideas include a members-only chat forum, a “Spetrino App” for your phone, and even annual conferences.

In short, you can lock in your Dividend Machine subscription for 5 years at today’s low rate!

NOTE: If you have a few months remaining on your subscription, you can (and should) still take advantage of this special offer. The 5-year term will start when your current subscription expires!

The best part of this deal is that your subscription comes with our Guaranteed Prorated Refund Policy.

The Guaranteed Prorated Refund Policy states that you can lock in your subscription for the next five years . . . but, if at some point down the road you choose to cancel your subscription, you get a FULL REFUND of the unused portion of your subscription term.

[So, if you sign up for the five-year term, and after one year you decide to stop your subscription — just call, email, or fax us and we will give you a full refund of the remaining four years. Even if you sign up today, but change your mind tomorrow, you get a full refund of the unused portion!]

No questions asked. No hoops to jump through. No tricks!

You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain by locking in your five-year subscription to The Dividend Machine today.

The Timing Could Not Be Better!

Remember, the price increase will go into effect March 1st.

After that, you will never see The Dividend Machine priced below $199 for a one-year subscription.

This is your one and only chance to get access to my top stock picks, my insight, and so much more, for the next five years . . . for only $495.

So lock in a five-year subscription to The Dividend Machine today before the price increases on March 1st!


Bill Spetrino

Includes: Print and Digital Subscription to The Dividend Machine
for 5 Years

Plus these three books as a FREE bonus:

  • The Great American Dividend Machine
  • Be a Millionaire Next Year
  • The Richest Man Who Ever Lived
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