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Warren Buffett made 96% of his wealth AFTER his 60th birthday . . .

And at this very moment, 10 unknown “armchair investors” are using the Oracle of Omaha’s secret sauce to quietly bag gains of 143%, 578%, and 1,026%  . . . without touching risky stocks, without hours of research, and without using a ton of money!

They reveal the incredible strategies that make it possible in a landmark new book . . .

“One of the most unusual — and useful — investment books you will ever find.”

— Steve Forbes

Dear Reader,

Bob Krebs just bankrolled 800% gains in Cisco . . .

Mike Koza cashed in on 1,200% gains in Radian Group . . .

Kai Petainen made 578% gains on EZCorp . . .

The list of big gains like these goes on and on. One strategy pays 36% a year, another has recorded gains 25 times better than the stock market, and yet another strategy is hitting 100% plus winners again and again . . . and again.

Shockingly, these profits are being had by ordinary folks from across America using little-known “Warren Buffett” investment strategies.

The best part is, anyone can use these strategies . . .  no matter your education (one of these guys is a high school dropout), your income (one man retired on $50,000!), or your age (one gentleman is 75).

These strategies can help you score big gains from your living room armchair within minutes . . . without losing a wink of sleep!

I confess . . . as a millionaire who teaches people how to make millions, even I was inspired by their stories.

So much so that I am going to send you a FREE copy of the book The Warren Buffetts Next Door today. (I will show you how you can claim your copy in a moment!)

When Your Free Book Arrives in the
Mail This Week, Do These 3 Things . . .

  1. Turn to page 1 and read the remarkable story of Christopher Rees, a former 30-year vagabond. Within just a few paragraphs, you will see how — using a standard TD Ameritrade account — Christopher applies a simple “tangible tactics” system to get returns that are 25 times better than the stock market . . . with just 10 stocks.
  2. Then, skip to Chapter 5. It is here that you will discover how 75-year-old Alan T. Hill, a retired educational software executive, has used a freely available (and instantly downloadable) program to obtain returns of 1,026% over the last nine years.
  3. Next, turn to page 85. You will find out how to make a windfall of cash by following a truck driver’s “buying hiccups” strategy. He has bagged annual gains of 36% since 2002 . . . enough to turn every $10,000 into $400,000!

Then, Shut the Book . . .

Turn on your computer, and start using some of the strategies you’ve discovered within a few keystrokes.

Then, watch the extra money effortlessly flow into your account  . . .

Once you’ve seen how easy and profitable these strategies are . . . then I’d like for you to go ahead and read the rest of the book.

As you flip through the 194 pages, you'll discover the personal stories of these 10 successful investors, along with the simple strategies they are still using to get money, day in and day out . . .

Within seven short days, you could be on your way to becoming the next “armchair millionaire.”

Amazingly, these simple strategies have NOTHING to do with get-rich-schemes, difficult trading techniques, or getting lucky with penny stocks.

These strategies are safe, easy to implement, fun to use, and the gains are second to none.

Many are based on the same strategies that Warren Buffett used after he turned 60 . . . when he accumulated 96% of his wealth ($57 BILLION!).

Here are a few more secrets you will discover when you get your free book next week!

  • The top 24 websites — the author calls them investor “incubators” — that will give you little-known secrets to start using within minutes. They are free, straightforward, and stimulating. (see page 165)
  • An eight-step plan to follow to make gains of up to 573%. You can use the plan in the biotech industry, or perhaps the banking industry if you would like. (see page 97)
  • The “Oracle of Manitoba” strategy used by a former broker to find the best international stock plays to turn every $30 you have into $60! If you can count to 11, you can use it too! (see page 108)
  • A “naked income strategy” that allows you to become the house, as each trade is guaranteed to be profitable 75% of the time. And the few times you are wrong . . . well . . . you will STILL WIN if you “flip” the trade. (page 18)
  • A grade-school formula that one man used effectively to turn $100,000 into $3 million despite the 50% stock market collapse in 2008 and withdrawing money to buy a home! (see page 37)

It’s no wonder Steve Forbes called this book, “One of the most unusual — and useful — investment books you will ever find.”

The bottom line is this: The Warren Buffetts Next Door gives you the field-tested and battle-proven strategies you need to make money . . . no matter what happens in the market.

Strategies you can put into play right now, today, to change your life.

Watch the Money Flood Into
Your Retirement Account
Day . . . After Day . . . After Day

I'm living 100% worry-free — and you can too!

Hi, my name is Bill Spetrino.

I'm living 100% worry-free — and you can too!

As an unapologetic “Warren Buffett next door,”
I watch money automatically flood into my retirement account from the comfort of my armchair day after day, week after week, and month after month.

I became rich without any special privileges, without a high IQ, or without ever making a six-figure salary . . . and best of all, I did it through a safe investment strategy.

In fact, I retired years ago at 42 and have watched my wealth grow (practically by itself) every year since . . . reaching millionaire status and beyond!

And the best part?

I don’t use complicated strategies. I don’t spend hours upon hours fretting over what happens in the stock market. Instead, I spend the majority of my time with my family, going to sporting events, and doing the things I love . . . like golfing. 

However, I also do one more important thing . . . I take the time to teach others how they too can become a “Warren Buffett next door!”

And today, I want to give YOU the chance to become the next armchair millionaire . . . to watch money flow into YOUR retirement account.

Believe me . . . you can do it!

You’re not too old — 96% of Warren Buffett’s wealth came after his 60th birthday!

You’ve got plenty of money — to get started, you only need a couple bucks!

You’ve got the time — it only takes about five minutes a week.

You’re plenty smart enough — if you can do fourth-grade math, you can do it!

And This Isn’t Me Just Blowing Smoke
Up Your “You-Know-What.”

I’ve seen my own strategies, just like the ones in this book, work time and time again.

Over 100,000 people from across America are following my advice . . . here are a few quick examples from some of my armchair millionaire “students!”

  • “I followed Bill’s advice and . . . that portfolio has appreciated by over $1.2 million in the past three years.” — Fritz S. from Lancaster, Pa.
  • “I am 80 years old , so I don’t have a lot of time to build a very large portfolio. But using your insights and recommendations, I have been able to turn $30,000 into $42,000. ” — Jim G. from Coppell, Texas
  • “I followed Bill’s advice to restructure my entire portfolio and have gained over 40% ( $120,000)." — James C. from Ridgeland, Miss.
  • “As a 65-year-old conservative investor, I had the good fortune to follow your advice . . . I’m a retired Army officer . . . my final retirement is not going to be any time soon, but is ‘guaranteed’ by a dividend income stream above all else that will grant my wife and children carefree lives.”
    — Michael H. from Rye, N.H.
  • “I made enough the first year to pay off my granddaughter’s house in 10 months only using the dividends paid back to me.” — Bernard E. from Bremen, Ind.

I Want You to Become the Next
Armchair Millionaire

Each of these readers has achieved incredible wealth and they did it quickly.

I don’t want you to miss another second of the potential profits — not when it’s so easy for you to take control of your wealth and change you financial destiny.

The folks in The Warren Buffetts Next Door are retiring earlier than they ever imagined . . .

They are making 36% annual returns . . . turning $10,000 into $400,000 . . .

They are bagging gains left and right like 143% in Elan Corp, 800% on Cisco, 1,200% on Radian Group, 578% on EZCorp, 670% on China Energy, 606% on MasterCard . . . the list goes on and on!

Just some of the strategies taught in this book have helped me make my millions . . . and that is why, at my own expense, I’ve ordered 10,000 copies of the book The Warren Buffetts Next Door, and I am giving them away!

I have your copy ready to be shipped out to you within the hour.  

To be clear . . . the book is FREE as a part of this special offer!

But, I am willing to go one step further, and I am asking that you go one step further as well for your own financial prosperity.

You see, the book is just the launching pad to your new journey to financial prosperity. But I want to see you get rich . . . to bag the type of profits that my armchair millionaire students are bagging.

So, as part of today’s special offer, you will also get a trial subscription to my newsletter, The Dividend Machine, along with the The Franklin Prosperity Report newsletter.

Here are details on both . . .

  • The Dividend Machine (normally $109 per year): This is a short, eight-page monthly newsletter written by me — Bill Spetrino. In it, I simply describe my investment secrets and give you a model portfolio to follow. This model portfolio has been ranked #1 by Hulbert Financial for performance and has averaged 24.8% annual returns since I started writing it in 2009! Get the next three months for FREE with this offer!
  • Franklin Prosperity Report (normally $49.95 per year): This 20-page monthly newsletter is dedicated to helping its readers save money each month with creative ways to cut your costs on groceries, insurance, travel, and everyday expenses so you can save more and spend less this year. Each month The Franklin Prosperity Report follows in its namesake's footsteps and gives readers invaluable advice from a host of top-shelf, expert contributors on how to properly manage and maximize your money.

You could be on your way to getting extremely rich within the next few minutes.

Imagine cash automatically flowing into your retirement account . . . so you never have to fear running out of money again, EVER!

Imagine retiring five years early, jet-setting off to yet another family vacation, or using the extra cash to put that new luxury car into your hands.

Imagine your quarterly investment statement arriving and there are extra digits . . . your broker will start asking you for advice as he watches your wealth accumulate!

You Don’t Have a Second to Waste . . .
So Let’s Get Started

I have your package ready to go . . . your FREE book The Warren Buffetts Next Door . . . a 3-month trial subscription to The Dividend Machine, and a 4-month trial subscription to The Franklin Prosperity Report.

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All I ask is that you cover the S&H fee of $1.97 . . . along with one other request . . .

Take a few minutes over the next five days to take a good look at my Dividend Machine newsletter and the The Franklin Prosperity Report newsletter, and see if either one of them will help you become a more successful investor.

You will get INSTANT access to both newsletters along with a login and password to their websites.

Peruse past issues, watch the video presentations, check out the model portfolios . . . and see if they can help you increase your wealth, become a safer investor, and find new ways to generate passive income.

If they don’t help you, cancel them.

(No worries, I will not be offended and you can still keep The Warren Buffetts Next Door for free . . . it is my gift to you!)

But if they do help you — just like they are helping the 100,000-plus current readers — keep them for free. You will receive a renewal notice about 30 days before they expire and at that time, you can make the choice to let them automatically renew or let them expire.

One last thing . . .

This offer will not last long.

I was only able to secure 10,000 copies of The Warren Buffetts Next Door. My guess is that these will be shipped out by tomorrow afternoon.

So let’s get started today!

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Yes! Send My Book Today!

Dear Bill Spetrino,

Thank you for this great opportunity!

I can’t wait to watch extra money flood into my account . . . to aim for profits like 800%, 1,200%, 578% . . . and other gains just like these!

I’m eager to find new ways of making incredible wealth without having to take on unnecessary risk or spending hours in front of a computer studying complicated trading techniques.

And I am thrilled that you — a self-taught millionaire — will be guiding me as I start my new journey to becoming the next “armchair millionaire.”

So please send my free copy of The Warren Buffetts Next Door with a trial subscription to both The Dividend Machine and The Franklin Prosperity Report newsletters.

The investment strategies in this package will give me the simple to use tools in need to get started on my path to becoming a millionaire next door.

Once I fill out the form below, I will have instant access to the newsletter websites where I can quickly review past issues, download special reports, watch investment videos, and more!

My Total Package Includes . . .

  • The Warren Buffetts Next Door
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A $73 value!

But all you ask is that I cover the $1.97 S&H fee so that you can mail the book to me today!

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‘Warren Buffett Next Door’
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