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This annual report has become highly anticipated, as the stocks Bill features each year
have trounced the overall market.

The five stocks in the 2012 report returned an average of 30% (versus only 11% for the S&P 500), and one, Bank of America, climbed an astounding 100%.

The stocks featured in the 2013 report returned an average of 36% (compared to 22% for the S&P 500), with Marvell Technologies jumping 88%, and Halliburton handing readers a 59% gain.

I think you can see why this is the most anticipated report we will release this year. Year in and year out, the five stocks listed in this report consistently deliver superior returns compared to the overall market.

The brand-new 2014 report features a high-tech company with a long history of growth, two international retailers with tremendous sales in both bull and bear markets, a global communications company, and an energy powerhouse leading the world in deep-water exploration.

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