If you’ve suffered financial losses from the Coronavirus crisis and
want to quickly rebuild your wealth, then I’d like to share . . .

How I Turned
Just $9,000 Into
$72 MILLION . . .

. . . By Investing in the ‘SAFEST’
Companies in America

Plus, I’ll also share:

  • The “forgotten” stock-picking strategy that provided me with a 90% WIN-RATE over the past 10 years — with over a dozen triple-digit winners . . . and gains as high as 519%!

  • How I used that very same investing strategy to RETIRE at 42 years old . . . and how you can use it to retire five, 10, even 15 years ahead of schedule.

  • The IRS-approved “cash flow multiplier” that allows you to make up to $80,000 in TAX-FREE INCOME each year — and why you should use it now!

  • My TOP 4 income-generating stocks every investor should have in their retirement portfolio. (*Grab shares of these companies TODAY to maximize your payouts.)

Bill Spetrino
Multi-millionaire Investor
and Best-Selling Author


Dear Friend,

My name is Bill Spetrino.

The Coronavirus crisis caught many investors and retirees off-guard and wrecked many people’s retirement dreams.

But this is a message of HOPE . . . for you… and for many.

So if you’re willing to stop listening to all the naysayers . . .

And if you want to become financially independent . . . and be completely free to do whatever you want, whenever you want, with whomever you want . . .

Then read this letter very carefully. Read it twice if you have to . . .

Because I would like to share how I was able to retire from working at only 42 years old, and ultimately turn just $9,000 in savings into more than $72 million.

Not $2.7 million . . .

$72 million!

And I became financially independent by using a proven strategy that any person, from any walk of life can use to retire years ahead of schedule . . . and allow you to enjoy complete financial freedom.

I know this, because I worked as a teacher who never made more than $45,000 a year.

And I did it without day trading, penny stocks, or any other type of “risky” investments.

In fact, I absolutely hate taking unnecessary risks with my money. It literally makes me sick to my stomach.

Instead, I’ve discovered how to minimize my risk in the financial markets . . .

. . . And rack up millions in my retirement account by investing in what I believe are the “safest” companies in America.

I’m talking about the kind of companies that have the greatest chance of going up year after year . . . and pay me tens of thousands of dollars in dividend income each month.

Over the past 10 years, countless people have thanked me for sharing my insights with them — allowing them to dramatically improve their lives.

People like Jay C., who said:

“In the last two-and-a-half years, my portfolio has returned close to a MILLION dollars!”

Joseph L. wrote in to say:

“Every time I have followed Bill's advice I'm batting 1.000, and I have DOUBLED my dividend income in the last 18 months!”

Then there’s Bernard E. who was thrilled to tell me:

“I made enough the first year to PAY OFF my granddaughter’s house in 10 months only using the dividends paid back to me!”

But this letter isn’t about them and their wealth.

It’s about YOU and YOUR wealth.

So let’s get started . . .

Why I Agreed to Write This Letter . . .
and What You’re Going to Get Out of It

My publisher asked me to tell my story about how I’ve been able to achieve such massive success in the stock market.

I told him I would do it.

But only on the condition that I could “let my hair down,” so to speak, and tell readers the real deal about investing.


No “politically correct” language.

None of it.

You see, I’ve lived my life saying things others won’t dare to say . . . and doing things others don’t have the good sense (or guts) to do.

And it’s allowed me to achieve the kind of results that you won’t see anywhere else.

So if you’re tired of all the BIG — but often empty — promises of making a fortune in the stock market from so-called “experts” who never invest in the markets themselves . . .

If you’re ready to start generating real money — I’m talking about change-your-life kind of money, year after year, like clockwork . . .

And if you’re willing to learn from someone who doesn’t just “talk the talk” but actually “walks the walk” when it comes to investing successfully . . .

Then you’ll be excited by what I’m about to show you.

For example, in a minute, I’ll share my track record for the past 10 years.

You’ll see firsthand how I used it to pick winning stocks 90% of the time.

Who do you know that can make such a claim?!? (I sure don’t know of anybody!)

Over 40 of these stocks had double-digit gains.

And an additional dozen of them racked up triple-digit gains including 290% . . . 382% . . . even up to 519% returns.

Now I’m not saying any of this to brag . . . it’s just what I’ve accomplished over the past 10 years alone.

But just think about what owning a dozen stocks with triple-digit gains that also churn out thousands of dollars in income each year could do for YOUR retirement savings over the next 10 years.

Well, I’ll show you exactly how it’s possible.

And once you realize just how profitable this strategy could be for you — no matter what happens in the financial markets . . .

You’ll want to start using it immediately!

Plus, I’ll show you how you could use it to make up to $80,000 each year in TAX-FREE income.

You read that correctly . . . TAX-FREE!

That’s more than most American couples make ( before paying taxes) by slaving away for 40 hours . . . sometimes 50 hours a week or more . . . at jobs they hate!

This is an IRS-approved fortune-building secret that many of the wealthiest Americans have used for decades . . . me included!

Just imagine receiving up to $6,650 in deposits to your retirement account — each and every month — without having to pay Uncle Sam a dime!

For most people over the age of 50 . . . that kind of money is enough to cover their mortgage, their car payments, along with their other monthly bills . . .

. . . And still have enough left over to splurge a bit on the fun things in life like travel, fine dining, and spoiling their children or grandchildren.

I’m going to show you how you could start cashing tax-free checks like these, and much more . . .

I’ll even share some information about my Top 4 income-generating stocks that every smart investor should have in their portfolio today.

So make sure you have a pen and paper handy.

You are going to want to take some notes that could help you start building your own fortune.

But before we get to that, there are a few important things you should know about me.

Because let’s face it . . .

Are you going to take health advice from a doctor who is obese and smokes a pack of cigarettes a day? Of course not!

Are you going to take financial advice from someone who has filed for bankruptcy more than once . . . had their house foreclosed on . . . and is on welfare? I surely wouldn’t!

Are you going to ask relationship advice from someone who has been divorced three times? Hopefully not!

Look . . . if you’re going to listen to anybody’s advice — about anything — then you better be sure they actually know what they are talking about.

And better yet, you should listen to people who actually practice what they preach!

From Betting on Horses as a 5-Year-Old Kid to Collecting Monthly Income Checks of $133,000

As I mentioned earlier, my name is Bill Spetrino and I am a self-made multi-millionaire.

I also write about my life as an investor, and have published my investment research to over 80,000 readers at TheDividendMachine.com.

If you walked by me on the street, you probably wouldn’t find anything remarkable about me.

I wasn’t born with a “silver spoon” in my mouth.

I wasn’t the beneficiary of a trust fund . . . or any fund for that matter.

I’m not some genius. I didn’t go to Harvard. And I never worked on Wall Street.

Truth be told — aside from vacations with my family, I’ve haven’t ventured too far from where I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio.

However . . . despite growing up poor, I have TWO ADVANTAGES working in my favor that could HELP YOU today as an investor . . .

The first advantage is that I learned from a very young age to be afraid of LOSS.

Now, that may sound odd to some people.

But if, like me, you didn’t come from a well-to-do family . . . then you probably know exactly what I’m talking about.

When you’re poor, you have nothing. It’s your “normal.”

So when you finally receive something . . . or earn something you worked hard for — you become afraid of losing it.

Psychologists and these new age self-help gurus call that a “Scarcity Mentality.”

But the fact of the matter is — it’s just the natural consequence of never having much in life.

My father taught me that, unlike rich people who usually have several built-in safety nets, and the ability to quickly replace whatever they lose . . .

Poor people don’t have a “safety net.”

This taught me to be sure about everything I did, and to never give others the opportunity to take anything from me that I wasn’t willing to give them.

So being afraid of loss didn’t make me “soft” or become a fearful person.

In fact, it did just the opposite.

It made me smart — to the point where I quickly learned to assess potential loss in any situation, and to NOT take careless risks . . .

Especially with money.

It’s a big reason why I’ve had a 90% WIN-RATE in my model portfolio over the past 10 years.

The second advantage I had while growing up was that I knew how to “spot the angle, and recognize value where others don’t.”

This allows me to take advantage of imagined fear in the markets that scare most investors . . . and scoop up great companies’ stocks at deeply discounted prices.

That includes sometimes getting them for just 25 cents on the dollar . . . or less!

And when you can do that consistently — the upside potential of every stock in your portfolio is huge!

I’m talking about triple-digit gain potential, over and over again!

This ability to “spot the angle and recognize value” actually came as an accidental discovery when I was in kindergarten . . .

You see, despite my dad reinforcing the “fear of loss” and to take calculated risks, one of my grandfathers was a gambler!

In fact, he would take me to the racetrack that was near their home.

Watching the horses race each other and observing the people betting them go wild sure was exciting!

But it wasn’t long before I started pestering my grandfather to show me the racing sheets and explain how they worked.

I even persuaded him to give me a few bucks so I could follow along and feel like I was doing what he was doing.

It soon became apparent that I had an unbelievable aptitude for math and logic.

Some people have an innate gift when it comes to music and art . . .

For others, it’s to be mechanically inclined and able to fix anything, and for some it’s natural athleticism.

For me, it was — and still is — NUMBERS.

I saw patterns in how horses and jockeys performed, and how other people bet. I took in all the possible variables, was able to calculate the odds on the fly, and figured out how to make optimum bets.

One time, I was even able to turn $500 into more than $5,000 — but that’s a story for another day!

Before long though, the racetracks began to close . . . the government started cracking down on all types of sports betting . . .

And quite frankly — if I was going to have a family and be a good provider for them — it wasn’t going to be through the “feast or famine” life as a gambler.

So while I had a fun and exciting childhood and teenage years, like everyone else, I eventually had to “grow up.”

My penchant for math led me to a degree in accounting. I hated it.

That led me to become a teacher.

It was an enjoyable profession, and I enjoyed the summers off because that gave me some time to make extra money for my family.

But the fact of the matter was — even at my highest salary of $45,000 a year, and making money on the side — I knew wasn’t going to be able to retire in comfort . . .

. . . Much less, retire early or enjoy financial independence while I was actually still young enough to truly enjoy it!

That led me back to what I knew best — NUMBERS . . . and making calculated bets — for profit.

And where better to (legally) do it . . . than in the stock market.

But I did it using a “forgotten strategy” completely based on mathematics that’s different than what you hear from just about every other so-called “financial expert” these days.

It now allows me to collect income checks from $25,000 up to $133,000 each and every month, like clockwork, by investing in what I see as the “safest” stocks in America.

And if a poor kid from a blue-collar family in Cleveland, Ohio, could use this strategy to make a fortune — I truly believe anyone could do it.

Let me show you the proof . . .

Never Revealed to the Public Before . . .
My Investment Portfolio With a 90% WIN-RATE

Take a good look at this spreadsheet below . . .

This is my entire 10-year track record of closed positions from 2009 through the end of 2019.

To make it easy to read:

The Red lines were the losers.

The Green lines were the winners.

And the Gold lines were the winners with triple-digit gains.

In all, there are 75 total trades.

Of them, 68 were winners, and there were only 7 losers.

That’s a 90% WIN-RATE.

Keep in mind — this is for both my Conservative portfolio and my Aggressive portfolio.

For my Conservative portfolio, I had a 100% WIN-RATE.

That’s right . . . every single stock in that portfolio was a winner!

So when you combine a winning track record like this with market-beating investment gains year after year . . .

It’s easy to see how I was able to generate a fortune in the stock market.

Now, you may be thinking:

“If you’re so good at picking stocks, why don’t you run a hedge fund?!?”

The fact of the matter is . . . at several times in my life, that idea did cross my mind.

And other investors were on board and ready to throw their money at me . . . lots of money.

But I quickly realized that would come with a LOT of work that would take me away from my family . . .

. . . Not to mention the added stress of having to hire and manage employees, file countless documents with the SEC and other regulatory agencies, and answer to my investors.

So as us Italians are known to say, “Fuhgeddaboutit!”

You see, I started investing with just one goal — financial independence.

To be completely free to do whatever I want, whenever I want, with whomever I want.

And if that’s what you want for yourself . . .

Then I’ll show you the secret behind my investing success and my multi-million dollar fortune.

It comes from a little-known mathematical formula that less than 1 in every 100,000 people know about.

This formula is only briefly covered in a few higher-level college math classes, and to my knowledge . . . it is NOT taught in high schools — but should be!

Because once you know this formula . . . understand how it works . . . and apply it to your investing plan — it could hand you an absolute fortune.

I know this from first-hand experience . . . and from hearing success stories from those I’ve shared this with . . .

The Mathematical SECRET
to Making Millions Upon Millions
of Dollars

Check out this formula that I bet you’ve never seen before . . .

. . . Because it could be the key to growing and maximizing your wealth today, and for generations to come.

Now, I’m not going to get into what each variable of the equation is here, as that would take up too much time, and you could research it online if you desire.

But here’s what you need to know . . .

This formula has been the very backbone of my “forgotten” investing strategy since I started using it.

And it’s even the very same formula that has been used by bankers for THOUSANDS of years.

Think about that for a moment!

Albert Einstein even called compound interest “The 8th Wonder of the World!”

And it truly is . . . especially for your retirement savings.

Let me show just how powerful it can be using an example of someone who starts using the power of compound interest.

Here’s a chart showing an initial one-time investment of $10,000 with 10% returns compounded annually . . .

Turning just $10,000 into $452,592 shows you just how incredible the power of compounding interest truly is!

Now look at this chart . . .

This is what happens to that same one-time initial investment of $10,000 with 10% returns when you add an additional $250 each month!

As you can see, by simply adding an extra $250 each month — you could end up with $1,780,370 — that’s an extra $1.3 million!

But it gets even better . . . just look at this last chart . . .

This is what happens to that same one-time initial investment of $10,000 with 10% returns when you add an additional $500 each month!

It’s amazing to think that you could create a retirement nest egg of $3.1 million simply by taking advantage of the power of compounding interest and time!

And it’s even more amazing to think that over 90% of all investors completely ignore the power of compounding interest when it comes to their investments.

So let me show you how you can use it to create massive wealth for yourself . . . starting today . . .

The Cash Flow Multiplying Power of QUALIFIED DIVIDENDS

So, how was I able to compound just $9,000 in savings into a $72 million fortune?

In short — I was able to retire early and become financially independent by investing in dividend-paying companies.

But not just ordinary dividends . . .

Qualified dividends.

I’ll explain the incredibly important difference between the two in a moment, and why qualified dividends should be used to accelerate and maximize your investment gains.

But first, here’s what you need to understand . . .

Every profitable company you saw earlier in my track record had a rising stock price.

That’s because, as I mentioned earlier, I was able to “spot the angle and recognize value where others didn’t.”

So when naysayers were bad-mouthing companies like Intel, Yum! Brands, and Altria . . .

I scooped up their shares like I was shopping at a “going out of business” sale and enjoyed total returns of 108% . . . 248% . . . and 519% on those stocks alone!

Plus, those stocks also had increasing qualified dividends!

That means these companies paid their shareholders more and more income — each year — simply to own their companies’ stocks.

So now you can see why I call the companies I invest in the “safest” companies in America!

Not only do you get the prospective benefits of increasing share prices . . .

You could also GET PAID handsomely by these companies to buy and hold their stocks!

And here’s the best part . . .

These Select Companies Could Allow You to
Receive up to $80,000 in TAX-FREE Income

That’s right . . .

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows for each individual to earn up to $40,000 this year in income from qualified dividends . . . completely tax-free!

So if you’re married, you and your spouse could earn up to $80,000 and not have to pay a single penny in federal income taxes on it!

That comes to over $6,650 a month in tax-free income that you can use to reinvest into your retirement savings . . . or to use any way you see fit.

It could be enough to cover your mortgage, your car payments, along with your other monthly bills . . .

. . . And still have enough left over to splurge a bit on the fun things in life like travel, fine dining, and spoiling your children or grandchildren.

Of course, you’ll want to check with your tax advisor on this, because everybody’s situation is different.

But it’s amazing to me how few investors know about qualified dividends, and how powerful they can be in growing your wealth . . . and providing tax-free income.

Here’s how qualified dividends differ from ordinary dividends . . .

A qualified dividend is a dividend that falls under capital gains tax rates that are lower than the income tax rates on ordinary dividends.

So, for example, if you as an individual made $40,000 in income from a job as a single person . . .

You could potentially owe $6,174 in federal income tax, Social Security tax, and Medicare tax.

But if you generated the same $40,000 in income from qualified dividends — like the ones from the companies I showed you earlier . . .

Your federal income tax liability on that income could be ZERO!

Also, as I mentioned earlier — if you are married, you can make up to $80,000 from qualified dividends and pay no federal income tax on that income.

And get this . . .

Once you pass that $40,000 (individual) or $80,000 (married couple) income limit . . .

The amount of taxes you pay on your qualified dividend income would still be far less than if you made that money from a job!

Plus, the IRS has been increasing this limit year after year!

That’s why I’ve been using this IRS-approved “cash flow multiplier” to keep growing my wealth for decades!

Qualified dividends from the “safest” companies in America is — in my opinion — by far, the best way to create a fortune for yourself in the stock market.

But there’s one MAJOR mistake I keep seeing investors make when investing in companies that pay qualified dividends . . .

They buy the wrong companies!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard about people who are trying to generate retirement income through dividend-paying stocks . . .

Only to buy overpriced companies that I wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole!

And not only that . . .

The dividends they receive from those stocks are less than half . . . sometimes less than one-third of the dividends I receive from the stocks in my portfolio.

For example, right now . . .

In my investment portfolio of open positions — I’m sitting on winning stocks that have total returns (dividends included) of 232% . . . 372% . . . 407% . . . 444% . . . and 978%.

Had you put just $1,000 into those five companies . . . you could have turned your original $5,000 into over $29,330.

In a moment, I’ll show you how you can view these companies along with ALL the other companies currently in my investment portfolio!

Just imagine how great it would be to hold stocks like these in YOUR retirement portfolio!

Plus, if you’re interested — I’ll show you how to get my in-depth research on my Top 4 income-generating stocks that every investor should own.

It’s in a special report I’ve only made available to my readers, but I’ll show you how you can get it, too.

Before I get to that though, let me share this . . .

How I Built a Cash-Multiplying
and Recession-Proof ‘Dividend Machine’

I learned from a young age that if you can simplify a goal — any goal — the greater your chances that you will find success.

These days, I cringe when I see people constantly looking for the next “hot stock tip” like a drunkard stumbles around looking for his next drink . . .

. . . Or jump from one investing strategy to another like an overweight person goes from one fad diet to the next.

No matter what these people do — they will never be able to create great wealth.

But if you’re sensible enough to do what is tried and true — then I have no doubt that I can help you create a fortune for yourself.

Now, I can’t promise that you’ll grow a $72 million fortune like I did.

After all, you’re not me. And those market conditions, opportunities, and circumstances that allowed me to grow my wealth may not be the same for anyone else.

But I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t add an extra $270,000 . . .

. . . Or if you have more time until retirement — to add an extra $2.7 million to your savings, simply by following my lead.

You see, when I began investing in the stock market, I simplified growing a fortune into just three steps . . .

  1. To pick deeply discounted stocks that would go up in value.
  2. To get paid qualified dividends from those companies to hold their stocks.
  3. To re-invest that dividend income into more stocks that paid more income.

In essence, I created a “Dividend Machine.”

One that could continually grow your wealth with capital gains, and generate more and more dividend income year after year.

And the best part is that you don’t need a lot of money to get started.

In fact, anybody can create their own Dividend Machine — beginning with as little as $1,000 or even just $500.

Back in 2015, I wrote a best-selling book called The Great American Dividend Machine to show how anybody can build their own Dividend Machine like I did.

Those who I’ve shown how to do this have been amazed by their results!

People like Phil A., who said:

“I am now confident that my portfolio will continually crush the best traders in the market in the years to come with little effort on my part thanks to the wisdom and advice of Bill Spetrino.”

And Bruce M., who wrote:

“I wish I had purchased this book many years ago and pointed me to The Dividend Machine . . . My investments are up almost 350%.”

Then there’s John H., who tells me:

“I have been employing Bill's investment approach since 2014 and have consistently and significantly outperformed other monies invested with large professional investment firms. For me, his approach in the Dividend Machine and has proven to generate results far superior to overall market returns.”

We sell copies of my book for $24.95 on our website.

But don’t bother buying it there . . .

Because I’ve arranged with my publisher to send you a copy — for FREE!

And not only that . . .

I also want to send you my research on the Top 4 income-generating stocks that every person should have in their investment portfolio.

I put it all together in a special report called: CASH COWS — 4 Income Stocks That Could Make You a Fortune Starting in 2020.

In it, you’ll discover:

  • Everything you need to know about these companies that could provide you with triple-digit gains in the years to come.
  • How much these companies pay out in qualified dividends each quarter.
  • And much, much more!

Normally, my publisher would charge $99 for this special report — but today you can get it for FREE.

In fact . . .

I’ve arranged for anyone reading this letter today to get access to my entire Financial Freedom Library (a $495 value) that includes ALL of my special research reports including:


“A $495 Value…Yours FREE!”


And as I keep adding to this library of special research reports . . .

You’ll be able to get every one of them!

Just one tip or recommendation from each of these special reports could help you make thousands of dollars in extra income this year alone . . .

. . . Or save you thousands of dollars in taxes now, and for years to come!

And there’s a reason why I’ve arranged to send you all my best research for FREE . . .

I’d Like to Make You an IRRESISTIBLE Offer

As I mentioned earlier . . .

I’ve been writing about my life as an investor and publishing my investment research at TheDividendMachine.com for over the past 10 years.

Over 80,000 people throughout the world have subscribed to my research.

With a stock-picking track record that boasts a 90% WIN-RATE, it’s no surprise that many of them keep coming back year after year.

And while 80,000 readers is no small number — my goal is to reach 100,000 people by the end of 2020.

Big Goal? Absolutely.

But I definitely think it is one that is doable.

So if you’d be willing to try out my research — 100% risk-free . . . then I’d like to make it worth your while . . .

I told my publisher I’m very serious about hitting my goal, and he’s allowed me to practically “give away the farm” just to get you to try out my work.

Because I’m confident that after you see everything I’m giving you today . . . and once you’ve had the chance to profit from my financial research . . .

You’ll want to remain a reader for years to come.

So here’s everything I’d like to give to you for taking a risk-free trial to The Dividend Machine today:

1. A 12-Month Subscription to The Dividend Machine Newsletter — Each month, you’ll receive my research on the best dividend-paying stocks that could make you an absolute fortune, and could provide you with tax-free income for years to come! With over 10,000 stocks on the major exchanges — I’ll ONLY be sharing what my research proves to be the best 12-15 stocks I find this year. Plus, you’ll also have access to my archive of money-making newsletters for the past 10 years!

2. Weekly Email Updates — Every week I’ll email you an update covering market developments and expectations. Plus, you’ll get guidance on every stock recommended, so you’re always “in the know” when it comes to our portfolios.

3. The Dividend Machine Portfolios — You’ll get access to our two portfolios. The first is our Conservative portfolio that currently has a 100% WIN-RATE. You’ll also have access to our Aggressive Portfolio that carries some risk, but offers you faster, more lucrative growth.

4. Weekly Podcasts — To many of our readers, these weekly podcasts are their favorite part of their membership because of my “no nonsense” talk and unorthodox insights on the markets. Each Thursday I record a short message and will usually go into detail on one or two stocks that are in your portfolio. You can listen to these on your daily commute, at home, or even while grocery shopping!

5. Trade Alerts — When it’s time to make an adjustment to our holdings or take profits, I will send you a trade alert by email. These emails will give you trading instructions that you can share with your broker, or allow you to go online to make the trade on your own.

6. My Newest Special Report: CASH COWS — 4 Income Stocks That Could Make You a Fortune Starting in 2020. In it, you’ll discover everything you need to know about these companies that could provide you with triple-digit gains in the years to come, how much these companies pay out in qualified dividends each quarter, and much more.

7. My Financial Freedom Library — You’ll have access to over a dozen of my best special reports . . . where just one tip or recommendation from each of these special reports could help you make thousands of dollars in extra income this year alone . . . or save you thousands of dollars in taxes now, and for years to come!

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