The Dividend Machine

Imagine spending your retirement 100% worry-free as America's top companies quietly pay ALL your living expenses . . .

Groceries, utilities, healthcare . . . and even luxuries like vacations to your favorite resort — all paid for, so you can fully enjoy your golden years without anxiety.

For one ordinary man, it became a reality, at the age of just 42 . . .

How a Small-Town Ohio Accountant
Used a Simple Forgotten Secret That
Has Made Himself and Investors


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Dear Friend,

Whenever I talk to investors, they ask me the same question: "Where can I possibly put my money?"

You may be struggling with the same uncertainty.

Perhaps you're worried the stock market could tank. Or that CDs and T-bills pay humiliating returns. Or concerned that real estate is still getting creamed.

Everyone wants to enjoy a prosperous retirement and yet that requires investing. And investing, especially in today's economy, means risk.

So where do you put your dough?

My Answer Is Always the Same

Warren BuffettDo what the world's most famous, most successful investors do.

Let me explain with an example of one such investor, Warren Buffett.

In 2008, when the stock market was beginning to tumble, Buffett bet $5 billion . . . one of the biggest investments of his career . . . on a single high-yield dividend stock: Goldman Sachs.

By investing $5 billion in the beaten-down investment bank of Goldman Sachs, Buffett locked in a 10% annual dividend on his preferred shares – more than eight times what Goldman Sachs pays on its common shares.

In other words, Buffett took the income and ignored the capital gains.

It was a classic Buffett move, and it reveals a principle that all investors would be wise to note: Solid dividend stocks, even in companies such as Goldman Sachs, which had lost more than HALF of its market capitalization, are a proven way to retirement prosperity.

The Lost Secret of Investing

Hello. My name is Bill Spetrino.

I'm an "ordinary guy" who lives in a small suburb outside of Cleveland.

Years ago, I accidentally stumbled upon what I call the "lost secret to investing" . . . and it's made me more prosperous than I ever imagined possible.

And today, I live solely off the income from my investments.

I'd like to take a few minutes of your time to tell you how I did it — and try to persuade you that it's not that hard, once you unlock the secret.

The truth is, I'm not a financial genius. I didn't go to Harvard, work on Wall Street, or start a hedge fund. I did get a degree in accounting, and my first real job was teaching in a community college.

I did that for a full decade while I tried to build up businesses on the side. In 1990, after years of saving and pinching pennies, my wife and I finally were able to start saving money to build our financial future.

Starting with just $9,000, we set out to create what I call a "dividend machine," a portfolio of blue-chip dividend stocks that would accumulate like Warren Buffett's proverbial "snow ball" and eventually would pay us a fat income.

Today, as mentioned, our portfolio has grown so large that our dividend payments alone easily cover my family's living expenses.

And that's the reason why I am writing to you now.

I could spend my retirement playing golf or going on nice cruises. But I am still in my mid-40s and I have a lot to give back.

So I spend my time trying to show investors how they, too, can create "dividend machines" that can help them enjoy the prosperous retirements that many now believe are a thing of the past.

The truth is, anyone can become financially independent.

You don't have to trade pork bellies or buy risky stocks. You just have to memorize one simple rule.

It's the same rule followed by the world's most successful investors, such as Warren Buffett. And here it is:

"If you want to make money investing,
then your investments have to make you money."

Now, I can almost hear you yelling from across the country: "That's it? That's the lost secret of investing? You've gotta be kidding me!"

But it's true . . . and it's something virtually all professional investors ignore.

Did you know that 97% of the gains in the Dow . . . for the past CENTURY . . . did NOT come from rising stock prices?

"They didn't? Well then, where DID they come from?" you might ask.

Well, they came from investments making money.

You see, for decades now, Wall Street has been trying to sell us on the idea that investing is about buying overpriced stocks that go higher until we eventually unload them before they crash.

We've been trained like Pavlov's dogs to chase rising stock prices.

You know where chasing stock prices have gotten average, hard-working Americans?

  • Devastated retirement accounts . . .
  • Financial uncertainty and unrest . . .
  • Working even harder to compensate for losses . . .

We have been force-fed the idea . . . for decades . . . that investing is all about finding stocks that go up in price.

But investing is NOT primarily about speculating, attempting to buy low and sell high. As Buffett wisely said, "Wall Street makes its money on activity. You make your money on inactivity."

Certainly we want our investments to go up, but investing is primarily about making money consistently — and there is a difference.

That's because stock prices do go up . . . but they also go down. Sometimes way down. And sometimes they stay down for 15 or more years.

Such as in the 1960s and '70s. (The past 10 years were not the only "lost decade" of zero stock gains: Take a look at the adjacent chart of the S&P 500 in the 1960s and '70s.)

In other words: If you're counting on stock gains to make your retirement nest egg, then you'd better time things 100% perfectly. Otherwise you're out of luck.

But you know what doesn't go up and down? You know where 97% of the gains in the Dow over the past century REALLY came from?


That's right: income.

High-yield dividend stocks give you locked-in payouts when the market is falling . . . yet still allow you to remain invested so you don't miss out when the market finally turns around.

Most Investors Have Been Investing
the WRONG Way for Decades.

They've been chasing stock appreciation when they should have been chasing . . . income.

Reinvested dividends.

Jeremy Siegel was shocked at what he discovered when he began the exhaustive research that became his best-selling book, The Future for Investors: Why the Tried and the True Triumph Over the Bold and the New.

He looked at S&P 500 stocks from 1923 to 2003 and found that "boring" dividend-paying stocks outperformed all others by a significant margin:

  • Philip Morris, the tobacco company, produced a 17% average annual return
    when dividends were reinvested in the company's shares. (A $1,000 investment
    in the stock in 1925 would be worth $250 million 80 years later.)
  • National Dairy Products, now Kraft Foods, gave shareholders annual returns of 15.47%.
  • Coca-Cola produced 14.33% average annual returns year after year after year.

The fact is, dividends (income) pretty much trump everything when it comes to investing, especially when you're investing for retirement.

What Have Dividends
Done for Me Lately?

OK, I know what you're thinking: If you're an investor, you probably don't care what happened in 1925 or even in 2003. You want to know what's happening right now, don't you?

Before I jump in and start showing my results, please know that all investing carries a certain level of risk. I always get concerned that readers will think these returns are guaranteed. As the SEC's disclaimer puts it: "Past performance is not indicative of future results." Only you can decide if this style of income investing is right for you.

The fact is, I started my newsletter, The Dividend Machine, to help average investors like you re-learn the fundamentals of investing — the lost secret of investing — that I just shared with you.

As a result, I recommended a series of high-dividend-paying blue-chip stocks in "boring" old industries.

So, How Did We Do?

The answer is: We dominated!

Since launching The Dividend Machine in early 2009, during the worst market since the Great Depression, our Dividend Machine portfolio has posted eye-popping profits.

Here are a few samples:

Stock Entry


Verizon $27.25 $32.40 $0.97 3.50% 68.07%
Coca-Cola $21.40 $37.64 $5.90 2.70% 96.80%
Dividend Stock #3 $41.65 $89.07 $9.35 3.84% 180.18%
Dividend Stock #4 $16.37 $24.48 $1.70 10.40% 63.29%
Dividend Stock #5 $50.65 $70.60 $8.23 3.43% 63.83%
Dividend Stock #6 $55.26 $89.41 $8.71 3.44% 73.20%

Did all of our dividend stocks appreciate in price? Of course not.

But overall, of the 17 stocks now in my Dividend Machine portfolio, only one has gone down in price (it is down 5.89%) and the average gain is 26.75%.

And far more important, The Dividend Machine portfolio keeps pumping out cash like clockwork.

And subscribers to The Dividend Machine love it!
  • I have read all the monthly publications, some multiple times, and believe this service to be the most coherent and prudent one available . . . Bill provides a very reasonable and sound strategy to investing for the long term. — David K., Corvallis, Ore.
  • Since investing in Bill's ideas, I feel much better about my decisions, since he also puts his money where his mouth is. — Russ Y., Tampa Bay, Fla.
  • I currently have 11 positions recommended by this publication; all are in positive territory. — Margaret B., Richmond, Va.

My personal Dividend Machine last year paid me more than 71% of the initial investment from 1994.

Put another way, my portfolio has grown by more than 1,206% in that time span, greater than 16% a year compounded annually.

I don't really sweat it much when the stock price falls because it rarely, if ever, affects the cash I get. The checks just keep coming.

Now, Here's the Real
Purpose of This Letter.

The 5 Best Stocks to Buy Right NowI've just put the finishing touches on a brand-new special report that reveals my TOP dividend picks for 2013 . . . entitled The 5 Best Stocks to Buy Right Now and I'd like to share it with you absolutely free as part of our special offer.

These are the stocks I believe every investor should buy IMMEDIATELY to begin building a cash machine for retirement — whether retirement is right now or 20 years away.

Here's a quick preview:

2013 Guaranteed Dividend Stock #1:
Abbott Labs

Abbott Labs has been around a long time (since 1888) and thus has an extensive track record on which to be judged. This healthcare company manufactures and markets pharmaceuticals, medical products, nutritional items, and medical devices. Its reach extends into more than 130 countries, where it serves wholesalers, government agencies, healthcare facilities, specialty pharmacies, independent retailers, hospitals, clinics, physicians' offices, blood banks, commercial laboratories, care-testing sites, plasma protein therapeutic companies, and third-party distributors.

In short, Abbott has a wide-ranging customer base.

Through 2010, Abbott has had an incredible streak going, one of particular interest to a dividend investor like me — it has paid a dividend for 348 consecutive quarters . . . a streak that began in 1924.

This company rewards its shareholders, and that puts it squarely into my stock-picking cross hairs.

Another key metric is earnings per share in the past five years, which has increased by 11 percent annually and, going forward, that's not expected to change.

Why is that? Abbott has very consistent, predictable earnings, and it has such a strong cash flow — a reliable indicator that helps companies cushion any unforeseen bumps in the road — that it can keep buying shares back as necessary to make its numbers.

It is little wonder that Abbott rates consistently as one of the "top 40 companies to retire on" in Fortune magazine.

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2013 Guaranteed Dividend Stock #2:
Ben Bernanke's ‘All-In' Favorite

My second stock for you to consider is one of my favorite dividend stocks of all time, perennially on my "buy" list.

It's one of America's largest tobacco companies.

In 2007, Jeremy Siegel revealed that Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke had his ENTIRE portfolio in one single stock — this one.

From 1925 to 2007, this company's average annual returns (when considering reinvested dividends) exceeded 17% a year, versus 10% for the market, surpassing all other stocks, according to Siegel's analysis.

Since 1957, when Siegel's study of the S&P 500's highest-yielding stocks began considering reinvested dividends, one stock has reigned supreme: this one.

Let's get some perspective on that. In 1957, $10,000 invested in the S&P 500 composite, with dividends reinvested, would have turned into 1.4 million, about 10.9% compounded annually.

That's not too bad.

But the same $10,000 invested in the stock I am telling you about, with dividends reinvested, would turn into . . .

More Than $46.2 Million!
That's right: 33 times higher than the S&P 500

I don't know about you, but an extra $45 million would sure make a big difference in my lifestyle!

Over the past 10 years, the stock has continued to appreciate despite the market's ups and downs . . . AND it has continued to pay a solid dividend yield of at least 6%.

In short, this company is a recession-proof business and sells an easily affordable product with predictable income. This company is so stable that it makes IBM look risky.

As an investor, you really can't ask for much more than what it can give you: a 17% average annual return when dividends are reinvested with stock appreciation over the long haul. I'll give you the whole story in The 5 Best Stocks to Buy Right Now.

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2013 Guaranteed Dividend Stock #3:
A Wall Street Bank Everyone Hates!

My mantra of being greedy when others are fearful lets me recommend another unlikely stock for 2013, one of America's biggest banks and one of the biggest bailed out by the federal government.

The current bogeyman of the Obama administration is Wall Street money center banks like this one. Temporarily, this would seem to be a bad investment.

However, in 2010, this administration also attacked Goldman Sachs, British Petroleum, Berkshire Hathaway, and Johnson & Johnson. All four stocks took turns being the bogeyman, and all four are up HUGE since being attacked. This company is just the latest "villain" for the White House.

The company's revenue sources include credit card services (25%), global corporate banking (18%), global markets (17%), wealth management (14%), home loans and insurance (16%), and deposits (10%).

Just a few years ago, this stock was selling for close to $60 a share. Today you can buy shares for pennies on the dollar — pretty close to what it was selling for in the early 1990s and 11% off of its tangible book value of all its intangible assets.

In plain English, you are buying it for a price less than you would pay if you started a bank from scratch.

And you get all the rest of it — the card services, global corporate banking, global markets, and wealth management businesses — for free.

One last thing: Hedge fund superstar John Paulson, the man who made $20 billion on the subprime debacle is betting HUGE on this stock. His fund has been profitable in 13 of the past 14 years, including an almost 40% gain in 2008.

He has taken his largest equity position in this company's common shares, buying 168 million shares.

I think this stock is a slam-dunk for 2013 . . . and I'll tell you all about it in my brand-new special report, The 5 Best Stocks to Buy Right Now.

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A New Way to Build Retirement Prosperity:
My Step-by-Step ‘Dividend Machine' Plan

Look, I did not win the genetic lottery, and many people in the world are much richer and smarter than I'll ever be.

I'm not telling you to abandon the way you have always invested for you and your family.

Bill Spetrino, editor of The Dividend Machine, is a professional investor who has made his clients millions solely through strategic investing.

A trained accountant, he graduated from John Carroll University in Ohio and spent a decade teaching. A lifelong entrepreneur, Spetrino developed his investment system over many years of hard work, and trial and error.

What I am trying to show you is how to create an efficient, powerful Dividend Machine in addition to your present investment plan while lowering your eventual (and unavoidable) taxes.

That's why I created The Dividend Machine investing plan and newsletter.

It's the ONLY advisory service that provides you with my handpicked recommendations for building your own personal Dividend Machine — one that could eventually pay you thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands of dollars a month in dividend income.

And now that dividend income will continue to be taxed at the low rate of just 15% for most investors — The Dividend Machine way of investing makes so much sense.

And to make it a true "no-brainer" decision, I've talked Newsmax's tight-fisted publisher into slashing the cost of my service in half.

Instead of paying $199 a year for my step-by-step plan for creating your own Dividend Machine, you can get it for just $47 for one year . . . 100% RISK-FREE (more on that in a moment).

That works out to LESS than the cost of a cup of Starbucks coffee a week; just 90 cents a week or 13 cents a day.

Here's what you get for your 47 bucks:

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  • The Dividend Machine Monthly Newsletter, bringing you the best dividend stocks for the month. We search the world for the one or two best opportunities that will help you generate a consistent stream of income month after month.
  • Two Dividend Machine Portfolios: Our standard, more conservative
    Dividend Machine portfolio and a more aggressive portfolio that
    aims for greater appreciation but with more risk.
  • Weekly Email Updates: These keep you abreast of changing market
    conditions, update our current recommendations, and provide up-to-date
    analysis and changes to our strategy or buy list.
  • Special Online Events in which I discuss the latest Dividend
    Machine opportunities.
  • 24/7 Access to the Members-Only Website and Archive:
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But I have an even better offer:

Accept a risk-free subscription, and I'll send you not one but FOUR bonus gifts, to help you supercharge your portfolio with locked-in Dividend Machine income.

These special reports will help you master a style of investing that I and many other top investors believe is the surest path to retirement prosperity:

BONUS GIFT #1: The Tax Miracle of Dividend Stocks Will Make You Rich — a $49 value, FREE with this special offer.

Dividends have provided investors what amounted to a tax miracle: Dividends are taxed at just 15% (10% in the lowest bracket).

The Obama administration was widely reported to favor eliminating this special tax break and allowing dividends to be taxed as ordinary income (as high as 39%). Yet a last-minute deal between Democrats and Republicans kept the dividend tax rate at 15%.

In this special report, you'll learn all about . . .

  • What future tax changes will mean for your portfolio.
  • Why dividend stocks make even MORE sense when income tax rates rise.
  • What you need to know about the tax consequences of foreign stocks . . . ETFs . . . REITs . . . utility stocks and preferred stocks.
  • Why dividend stocks offer the best protection from a bear market.
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In this valuable report, I explain why I encourage investors to purchase carefully selected dividend-paying stocks, and to always reinvest those dividends into these same companies. Dividend reinvesting allows you to amass sufficient shares so that by the time you retire your dividend checks are large enough to cover living expenses — protecting you from having to draw down on the shares of the companies you own.

Popularly known as DRIPs or DRPs, automatic dividend reinvestment plans in top companies can protect you in these uncertain economic times — often in a way that's easy on the budget.

For example, you can open a DRIP account with Abbott Laboratories, one of my favorite companies, for $10, and pay no fees! And once you set up a DRIP, it just keeps on dripping those dividends back into more shares, making you richer as time goes by.

In this report, you'll discover . . .

  • The right way and the wrong way to use DRIPs.
  • How to create your own personal reinvestment program for stocks without DRIP programs set up.
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  • What you need to know about record-keeping.
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In this special report, I tell you how Wharton Business School economist Jeremy Siegel has totally transformed the investment world with his new research on income stocks.

In the past, investors were told that dividends can make up to 40% of the total return in their stock investments. By analyzing data over the past century, Siegel discovered that the actual number was 97% — and that dividend-paying blue-chip stocks give investors the best returns by a HUGE margin.

Not only that: In Wharton Secrets to Wealth, you'll discover why an investment plan centered on dividends offers investors the best protection from bear markets like the one that began in 2008.

In fact, Siegel says, bear markets actually offer ordinary investors astonishing opportunities to build significant wealth.

In this report, you'll discover . . .

  • How to create your own personal "mutual fund" of dividend stocks.
  • What to look for in a stock above and beyond its dividend payouts.
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Here's how it works.

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Bill Spetrino
Bill Spetrino

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P.P.S.: Here's what other average investors have said about The Dividend Machine:

  • I like The Dividend Machine better than any of the other market advice services I have (subscribed to). It is a clear and straightforward service, no hem and haw, just the facts with clear recommendations. Bill seems like a no-BS kind of person and I like that, and his methods seemed to me to be a great approach to investing. I also like that he is a trained accountant who knows how to read a balance sheet and evaluate a company's prospects rather than just some retread broker. Frank P., Upland, Calif.
  • I have found that most people are either too lazy or intimidated to grab their lives by the horns and get control. I'm glad that I did. Thank you, Bill, for a wonderful service. Jon H., Salem, Mass.
  • The greatest benefit of this newsletter is in Bill's ability to educate. I'm not a sophisticated investor by any means, but I am reasonably intelligent . . . I talk to my kids about this newsletter and send them some ideas. I'd like to see them get more involved with decisions about their money and not hand it over to a broker. I think they're starting to listen (though likely won't admit it.) Linda A., Occidental, Calif.
  • This is a great newsletter, and I have benefited from subscribing to it. I would recommend it to others as an excellent way to grow their portfolios in this economy. Martin S., Hollywood, Fla.
  • I have been very pleased with Bill's recommendations; I had been subscribing to two other services and have dropped both of them in favor of this one. I have, indeed, made a profit following Bill's recommendations and would recommend him to anyone looking for financial advice. Jeremy Z., Etna, Calif.

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