“Back Up the Truck and Load Up!”

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Dear Newsmax Reader,

There is as much as 633%, probably more, on the table right now.

That’s what I just told my readers. In fact, there could be more than that at stake because I’ve just sent my readers a stock recommendation that I believe could easily equal or eclipse my all‑time best return of 633%.

They’re starting to take action, but you’re missing out and that’s frustrating the heck out of me. That’s because, with one exception, you have much in common with my readers.

What you have in common is that you all read Newsmax Money and, like me, during the past election, many of you were characterized as a “deplorable,” because you love true American values.

What you don’t have in common with my readers is this: You are missing out on what are the investments of a lifetime because you don’t subscribe to my newsletter, The Dividend Machine.

I want to offer you an easy solution to that problem.

Not Just Another Rich Man . . . Instead, a Rich Man Who Knows How to Be Successful in the Stock Market

But first, there is something you should know about me.

I am a multimillionaire. But I didn’t get rich by selling newsletter subscriptions. My wealth has one source: the investments I make in the U.S. stock market.

I started with $9,000 and ended up with $7 million. That success allowed me to retire from my job as an accountant 20 years ahead of schedule, at 42 years old. And that’s how I came to write to you today.

You see, the next phase of my life began when I met Christopher Ruddy, Newsmax Media’s dynamic CEO. We bonded over the fact that we’re both conservative, self‑made men. Later, we also bonded over the fact that each of us had spent years believing Donald J. Trump would make an ideal president.

As you know, Christopher is in the publishing business. It was his idea that I share my strategies about growing wealthy. That’s how Newsmax Finance came to publish my newsletter — The Dividend Machine.

Since The Dividend Machine was launched eight years ago, the results have been nothing less than amazing. I started on a hot streak and have stayed on it.

I recommended Philip Morris, which is up 307% now; Yum Brands, up 247%; Visa, up 438%; AbbVie, up 135%; and Yum China, up 232%. Then there was the biggest winner of all: Altria, up 633%.

Yet, as I noted, with all that success I’m incredibly frustrated because you’re missing out on this . . .

In one of my most recent podcasts I compared my 633% winner to a brand‑new opportunity, and urged my subscribers to “back up the truck and load up on it!”

By the way, I’m Bill Spetrino, editor of The Dividend Machine. Despite my great stock market success, I pride myself in being just an ordinary guy who lives in a modest brick rambler just outside of Cleveland.

My readers know that since 2012 I predicted Donald Trump would one day be our president . . . and because of that, President Trump would create the biggest opportunity for investors since the end of World War II.

The stock I just told my readers to “load up the truck” on is a direct result of the Trump presidency.

Here’s what I just told my readers.

The Stock I’m Loading Up On Right Now!

“If you had been with me in May of 2009 when we first bought Altria (MO), you would have gained 633% in that one stock. There’s another stock in the Conservative Portfolio that I love as much as Altria, and it’s under our buy price.”

So, I am personally loading up on it and urging all my readers to follow suit. That’s because I love this one as much as Altria. In fact, this one may have as much potential as Altria had back in 2009, or more!

As I said, I’ve just recently released this recommendation via a podcast, and I really want you to hear all about it.

But the only way you can make that happen is to immediately accept a no‑risk subscription to The Dividend Machine.

In all modesty, my eight‑year cumulative track record of 1,752% justifies a one‑year, $199 subscription to The Dividend Machine, and that would be a bargain.

But because you’re a Newsmax Money reader, when you subscribe to The Dividend Machine today — at the one‑year rate of $199 — I’ll add a second year for free. So, it’s two years for the price of one. What could be fairer than that?

What Makes My Investment Strategy Capable of Delivering Such Incredible Gains?

The answer is patience, conviction, and care. In fact, I may be the most careful investor you will ever meet.

You see, grabbing short‑term, double‑digit profits is fun and thrilling, but that’s a volatile strategy that offers no long‑term security.

With my way, you could end up like me — with millions — because I’ll show you that stocks from solid companies can climb four‑, five‑ and even sixfold. Then you stick with them for optimized gains.

My readers grow wealth. And, that’s what makes subscribing to The Dividend Machine a no‑brainer.

So, here’s what you’ll receive when you accept your 50%‑discounted, two‑year subscription to The Dividend Machine TODAY!

  • First and foremost, two years for the price of one. You save $199 and receive 24 monthly issues of The Dividend Machine newsletter. Each month, you’ll receive an issue of The Dividend Machine in which I will provide you with buy, sell, and hold recommendations.
  • Second, I’ll send you weekly updates: You don’t need to worry about following the daily ups and downs of the markets — I will do that for you! I will let you know what is going on with your investments, the economy, and the stock market. Knowing that someone is constantly monitoring your investments will give you the peace of mind you need to be a successful investor.
  • Third, weekly podcasts: 44 weeks out of every year I record a podcast where I discuss any important information you need to know about your stocks, answer members’ questions, and alert you to anything else you need to know. You can listen to these short podcasts on your phone while running errands, during your commute, or on your home computer.
  • Fourth, members‑only website: Here, you can find any report I have written, such as “Rich By Friday” or the “Investing 101 Guide,” so that you can discover how to achieve absolute financial security. The website also contains all the past issues of The Dividend Machine, previous podcasts, and weekly commentaries. Anything I have ever published via The Dividend Machine.
  • Fifth, prompt, friendly, America‑based customer service: Newsmax Media’s financial publishing subscriber customer service is the gold standard in our industry. English is their first language. Our huge staff of knowledgeable professionals are at their desks daily between 8:30 am to 7:00 pm EST, Sat 8:30am - 2:00pm EST at 1.800.485.4350 to answer your every question. Closed Sunday.
  • Sixth, a FREE copy of my book ($19 value): To make sure you know all my secrets, I show you how to build the optimal, income generating investment portfolio using the power of dividends along with solid stock appreciation to achieve absolute financial security. In “The Great American Dividend Machine,” I prove why my investment philosophy will provide for a solid and secure financial future.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter today.

I am convinced that you could make back all of your $199, two‑year subscription within a very short period of time, if you act on my “load up the truck” recommendation — the one I forecast will soar 633% or higher.

So, please subscribe to The Dividend Machine today!


Bill Spetrino

Editor, The Dividend Machine

P.S. As you likely know, Newsmax is famous for standing by its work. That’s why this exceptional offer comes with a 60‑day, no‑risk, ironclad guarantee. If for any reason at all during the next 60 days you find The Dividend Machine is not for you, I’ll immediately refund your subscription fee, no questions asked . . . and you’ll have had 60 days’ access to the complete Dividend Machine website . . . every secret, every strategy, every special report, and the book . . . all of it is yours to keep.

* Our descriptions of potential results of our trading programs are based on hypothetical trading. Hypothetical and actual results usually vary significantly. Actual results are affected by numerous factors, including whether a particular trade can be executed and the timing of any such execution, and brokerage fees and commissions to be paid. Past performance is not necessarily an indication of future success. A subscriber who chooses to follow a program could lose all or part of his or her investment. We compute cumulative results by adding and subtracting all winning trades and losing trades for a net total of all trade recommendations.

* Newsmax publishes The Dividend Machine to provide information that a subscriber who is considering an investment may evaluate as part of the total mix of information available. Subscribers should understand that any investment decision they might make is their own. Investors should carefully consider all information and discuss his or her investment choices with a qualified professional. Newsmax is not an investment adviser, broker dealer, or any other type of financial adviser. Newsmax does not provide individual investment advice.