ALL our employees are planning to retire multi-millionaires by using this secret investment inside their 401(k)s. . .

And we’re inviting just 227 readers to take advantage of the same secret today!

Enrollment Deadline:   

“In the last 2½ years, using this has returned close to a million dollars.”

— Jay Coffsky


“Thanks to this, I’m looking at an excess of $150,000 in a short period of time”

— Richard Williams


“I’m living off the money. Last year I made over $100,000. It’s paying for my vacations, the gifts that I give to people. I’m going to Greece in June with my wife. We’re taking three other trips this year. We’re doing a lot of things I never thought we were going to be able to do.”

— Bill Garcia


Hi, my name is James Di Georgia.

I’m the financial publisher here at Newsmax, one of the country’s largest independent financial research firms.

We have an unusual “secret” here at Newsmax — one that has our entire company excited.

Until today, we’ve never shared the details of this secret with the general public.

This secret is so powerful, all of our employees are trusting it with the investments in their 401(k)s.

It’s what we call the “Secret Newsmax 401(k) Plan.”

Over the next few minutes you’ll get the inside scoop on this millionaire-making program — and how it could transform your life and dramatically change your retirement.

I’ll also share with you the precise details of the investment strategy our 401(k) plan uses . . . one that’s already made a small group of everyday Americans wealthier than they could have ever imagined.

And for a limited time, you can gain access to all the investments we make in our company 401(k) plan, without ever working a single day at Newsmax.

Why do we have so much confidence that this plan will help our employees become millionaires?

Because over the past five years, this conservative 401(k) plan has returned a 100% win rate.

This meant 27 opportunities to double, triple, or even quadruple your money, with gains of 320%, 437%, and an incredible 491%.

All without risky penny stocks, options, or complicated investments.

I’ve never seen anything like it.

We even had an independent audit conducted by the Hulbert Financial Digest, a prestigious ratings service, which called this the No. 1 low-risk 401(k) plan.

That’s why I’m confident that every one of Newsmax’s 253 employees is on track to retire multi-millionaires. It’s all thanks to the “secret” inside our Newsmax 401(k) plan.

Many, just like me, are contributing huge percentages of our paychecks to these investments in our 401(k) plan.

And although we work in a beautiful office in South Florida, offer full health insurance benefits, competitive salaries, and several weeks of paid vacation . . . this is by far the ultimate “perk” for working here at Newsmax — one we’ve used to attract some of the brightest talent in the financial publishing industry.

Keep in mind, some of our employees are just starting their careers, while others are more “seasoned” and will be retiring in the next few years.

It doesn’t matter, they all have the same opportunity to retire as millionaires thanks to the investments inside the “secret” Newsmax 401(k) plan.

You, too, could see the same results.

And you won’t be the first either . . .

See, the architect of the program — who I’ll introduce in a moment — has already used it to turn $9,000 into $7 million.

Yes, you heard that right — $9,000 into $7 million.

Almost a 100,000% return.

And he did it in just a few short years.

All without risky penny stocks, options, or complicated investments.

That’s why we’re so confident that you, too, could get rich with this “secret,” no matter how much you start with.

The man who designed this plan, an accountant from Cleveland, used it to retire years ago at the age of 42.

And get this, in the last six months, he has used this exact same plan to take home $3 million from the markets . . .

That’s $500,000 each month thanks to this plan . . . even as the market moved nowhere.

In just a moment, I’ll let him explain the exact details of the “secret” plan he’s formulated for Newsmax . . .

He’ll explain why he thinks it holds the key to you becoming a millionaire . . .

And why we’re staking the future of our company — and our own retirements — on this plan . . .

But before I introduce him, let me tell you about the invitation we’re extending to YOU right now . . .

We’re inviting a restricted number of eligible viewers to enroll in this plan today.

227 wealth-seekers will have the shot to invest the same way we do inside our 401(k) plan . . . without ever working a single day at Newsmax.

And get this . . . when it comes to building wealth with the same investments that we use in our “secret” 401(k) plan:

  • It doesn’t matter how old you are. As I mentioned, it doesn’t matter if you are just starting your career, if you are close to retirement, or if you have already retired. That’s right! Even if you have retired, you can still take advantage of this plan! Bottom line: You can never be too young or too old to start building wealth — the kind of wealth you can never outlive. And with this plan, it couldn’t be quicker, easier, or safer to do so.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’ve never invested before. In fact, many of our members have never bought a single stock in their life. We showed them how to get started with just a few shares, they saw some great returns, and invested more and more into the plan. Now their portfolios are growing every month.
  • And it doesn’t matter how much you start with. Some of our members just buy a share or two at first, and the stocks often cost as little as $20 or $30. As one of the Newsmax 401(k) plan members, Gary McCartney, puts it, “I like to think of this as a snowball. What happens with a snowball is it starts off small and rolling downhill it gets larger.”

Now, the obvious question you might be wondering is, “Is this legal?” I wondered the same thing myself.

So I checked with my legal team.

And as incredible as it sounds, there’s nothing preventing non-employees from using our plan as the basis for their investments.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working for another company or already have a 401(k) plan.

You don’t sacrifice a single thing by signing up today.

And it doesn't require that you complete any official paperwork to benefit from this. You are not investing IN our 401(k) plan, you are just benefiting from the exact same investing approach that our employees are using.

In other words, you get full access to all the details of how we're investing inside our 401(k) plan without actually having to join the plan.

Remember, these are the actual investments I and 253 of my fellow employees are following inside our company's 401(k) plan.

Again, if this sounds strange, I understand. After all, most workplaces just hand out a 401(k) packet once a year and leave their employees to figure it out on their own.

But here at Newsmax, we do things differently.

We publish independent financial research to help our readers direct their own investments, free from the massive fees charged by Wall Street.

We do everything in our power to keep you informed, updated, and ahead of the investing curve.

That way you can take your retirement planning into your own hands.

So naturally we do the same thing for our employees.

I consider it the ultimate “perk” to attract independent-minded, hard-working individuals.

So I had this “secret” 401(k) plan formulated . . . one that’s proven to build wealth safely, and without taking on unnecessary risks.

And in the past few years, I’ve seen some pretty incredible gains. All from safe, conservative, and highly profitable stocks.

By then I was confident enough to send out a company-wide email . . . where I encouraged everyone to take advantage of this “secret” plan.

Our employees saw the gains these investments generated, which is why pretty much everyone jumped on board.

So instead of investing in a more traditional 401(k) plan and getting ripped off by outrageous fees and awful investments . . .

They’re now on track to retire multi-millionaires.

All 253 of them.

Everyone from our top executives to our customer service team.

Think about that.

  • Apple minted 300 millionaires.
  • Google, around 1,000.
  • Twitter, about 1,600.

Now Newsmax will get a shot at joining this elite list of millionaire-making firms.

And like I said before, we’ve made the decision to allow a select number of viewers in on the secret, so that they can also achieve absolute financial security.

But you must act quickly.

This opportunity will only last for a brief enrollment period.

We set a limit of 227 new members a day, just so it wouldn’t overwhelm our systems.

Even better . . . the investments we recommend will charge ZERO performance-based fees for the time you’re invested in them.

I’m talking about putting an extra $4,ooo . . . or more . . . in your pocket each year. That’s how much annual fees can cost you with a typical 401(k) plan with $100,000 invested.

And unlike many traditional 401(k)s, you also have 100% control of your money the entire time you are invested with this plan. You never give a single dime to us. We never make any decisions for you. You will always have the final say.

And you’re not “locked in” like most company retirement programs and 401(k)s. You have the option to close your account at any point — without penalties or fees — and take your money. No questions asked.

That’s how we designed this plan. To give YOU — the everyday American — complete control of your retirement. And here’s thing . . .

  • You’ll never have to work a single hour for Newsmax.
  • You don’t need to make the daily commute to our office.
  • And you’ll never have to clock in and out.

Again, you will get all the benefits of our incredible 401(k) plan without having to work here or actually invest IN our 401(k) plan!

In order to start collecting benefits from this millionaire-making 401(k) plan, you just need to fit one simple criterion.

It has nothing to do with age, income, education, or level of investing experience.

But it’s crucial that you meet the criterion before signing up.

In a moment, you’ll find out if you’re eligible. I’ll also show you how — unlike IRAs, where you need $250 to start — you can get started with as little as $20 or $30.

But first, allow me to introduce the man who designed this “secret” 401(k) plan: Bill Spetrino.

He’s just an ordinary guy from Ohio, but with a remarkable story I’ll let him tell you.

Bill . . . take it away . . .

Thanks, James.

My name is Bill Spetrino.

When I first began investing, I was in my 30s . . . living paycheck to paycheck and driving an older BMW.

I sold that car for $10,000, bought a beat-up old Ford Pinto for $1,000, and invested the remaining $9,000 in the stock market.

And considering my situation, where bills needed to be paid, it wasn’t easy to tuck this money away and pretend like it didn’t exist. You probably know the feeling.

But I used a very simple secret, and since then have accumulated a $7 million fortune through stocks . . . and stocks alone.

This nest egg allowed me to retire at the age of 42, and now I spend my time researching investments from my home in Cleveland, simply because it’s what I love to do.

That’s why James brought me to Newsmax, so I can help others realize the retirement of their dreams.

And that’s why he tasked me with this very special project that has our entire company very excited.

You see, up until recently, most Newsmax employees handled their retirements on their own, through the company 401(k) plan. But as James mentioned, it didn’t make sense to leave them at the mercy of Wall Street. Over time, 401(k) fees can wipe out as much as one-third of your nest egg.

So we decided to cut the expensive money managers entirely out of the equation.

Thus began our project to build the “secret” 401(k) plan.

And James told me I was his only choice to lead the project, given my own personal investing success.

James gave me clear directions: to develop a safe and reliable 401k plan that would allow all Newsmax employees to become millionaires, using the very simple investment secret that worked for me.

This plan would give our employees the shot at getting rich through our company retirement program . . . which would make them happier and more productive knowing that their retirement would be taken care of.

They’d know that Newsmax is the right place for them . . . a place where they could “earn” far more than their salaries alone by using our 401(k) plan.

Now, after five years, I can tell you the results are better than expected.

Over this time, not a single conservative play in our 401(k) plan has ever lost money. Not one.

That’s 27 winners out of 27 recommendations.

All from ultra-safe stocks.

These aren’t little gains, either . . .

In fact, on the stocks we’ve sold over the past five years, we’ve generated average gains of 67% on each recommendation.

And our open positions are doing even better!

Most are double-digit winners. Some hit the 100% mark . . .

And a few are bona fide home runs that you don’t see every day — like 320% on a payment processor . . . 437% from a large multinational corporation  . . . and 491% on a biotech company!

That’s why James has opened the floodgates, so to speak . . . inviting 227 viewers per day to follow our “secret” 401(k) plan today...

To reinforce our confidence in this plan, both James and I are putting our “money where our mouth is” . . . and investing our own money into these recommendations.

That’s how much we believe in what we have created.

Personally, in just the past six months alone, I’ve raked in a total of $3 million on picks I’ve made for this plan.

That’s a 60% increase in my total net worth in just six months! All while the S&P 500 was flat.

Years ago, I couldn’t imagine making $500,000 a month on average, especially without working.

Now it’s a reality, and as I move forward, I’m expecting even larger windfalls.
For instance, one of my recent recommendations in the “secret” 401(k) plan was an international distributor.

I urged everyone following the plan to buy in when the stock was trading for $40, and I personally bought 40,000 shares. Two weeks later, the stock shot up to $51 . . . a quick 27% gain.

I took home $432,000 from this one recommendation. Followers of the “secret” 401(k) plan who bought in alongside me made way more money from this stock pick than they did from their regular paycheck.

Now, to be completely transparent with you, there is a small group of non-Newsmax employees that have been following my recommendations since James and I started this project five years ago.

We created this small beta-testing group so that we could get honest, independent reviews of the “secret” 401(k) plan.

This group included folks from all walks of life, including teachers, firefighters, business executives, and retirees.

As it turns out, a few six- and seven-figure fortunes were minted within this small group.

Take Jay Coffsky, a staff radiologist from Atlanta, who lost 50% of his portfolio during the 2008 crash and was struggling to rebuild his retirement account.

But then he joined our small beta-testing group in 2012. Since then he’s not only gained back everything he lost in the crash . . . but is now sitting on a seven-figure nest egg.

All thanks to our “secret” 401(k) plan, Jay says . . .

“My portfolio has returned close to a million dollars in the last 2½ years. It’s just unbelievable.”

— Jay Coffsky


Now he can enjoy the retirement he’s always imagined.

According to Jay . . .

“I can live a much more carefree lifestyle. I don’t have to think about spending money anymore. I know I’m going to leave my heirs a much more comfortable lifestyle, as well as a charity organization we founded.”


Jay is far from alone . . .

Richard Williams, a retired government worker from Wilmington, North Carolina, has enjoyed quite a windfall too. He recently wrote me saying,

“Thanks to [this plan], I’m looking at an excess of $150,000 in a short period of time.”

— Richard Williams


Richard is now enjoying a degree of security and comfort he’s never experienced before. He can help pay for his grandkids’ education and donate to his favorite charities, like the Boys and Girls Club.

In his own words:

“I don’t worry anymore. I don’t lose sleep. It’s changed my outlook. I don’t worry about my wife now, my kids, or my grandkids. I know I can provide some of the things that I struggled with in my childhood. I will have the funds available to help the kids and grandkids as they get their education. In case of an emergency, I can have the funds to do that. In terms of security, comfort and happiness . . . it has made that kind of a difference. We’re providing them a legacy when we’re not going to be here.”


And then there’s Bill Garcia, a retired Xerox executive from Cypress City, California. Bill is now collecting money from his “secret” 401(k) plan, and living his retirement to the fullest. Bill wrote in:

“Last year I made over $100,000. It’s paying for my vacations, the gifts that I give to people. I’m going to Greece in June with my wife. We’re taking three other trips this year. We’re doing a lot of things I never thought we were going to be able to do.”

— Bill Garcia


And my favorite story comes from Bob Hockensmith, a CPA, economics professor, and military veteran.

It was 2008 . . . Bob had accumulated $3 million from his combined military and teacher retirement plans.

Everything seemed great on the surface, but Bob had made a major mistake. He invested in risky foreign currency plays, a popular “get rich quick” scheme that was all but annihilated in the market crash.

Within six months, he saw his life’s work erased from the face of the earth. He came out of the crash virtually broke . . . his confidence shattered . . . and fearful that he would never have the retirement he dreamed of.

Then he stumbled upon the “secret” Newsmax 401(k) plan. Seeing no alternative, he decided to enroll.

Since then he’s rebuilt his retirement from the ground up.

According to Bob . . .

“I made over $170,000 in that short period of time just by buying Bill’s investments alone. Not anything else. Just those alone.”

“One stock recommendation has given me over $50,000 return since 2010.”

“Another one has given me $25,000. Yet another one $18,000. And another one $16,000. And another one $12,000. And another one $10,000 and another $8,000.”


He added . . .

“I have not invested in one single stock that has lost money in the [“secret” Newsmax 401(k) plan].”

— Bob Hockensmith


More importantly, Bob is seeing his confidence restored . . . and his dream retirement come to life.

I literally have a drawer full of stories just like these ones. Most of them are people who were worried about their retirement. They either had nothing saved for retirement, or lost a ton during the last market crash.

Then they came across the "secret" Newsmax 401(k) plan, and their lives changed forever.

This is why I spend my own retirement years devoted to helping everyday investors realize their dreams.

But aside from all the money, what does joining this plan really mean for YOU?

It means being free from worry . . .

You no longer have to worry about how much you can spend . . . no worries about running out of money . . . or making ends meet.

Imagine being completely free from fear . . .

Free from the fear that your stocks will drop . . . or your income will dry up . . . or that you’ll be forced to work instead of enjoying your retirement years.

By following the “secret” Newsmax 401(k) plan, these fears can be eliminated for good, and you will discover absolute financial security!

Imagine all the freedom you will have.

No more answering to a boss.

No more looking at price tags.

No more being held back by the restrictions of money!

You’d be able to do anything, really . . .

Pay off your mortgage early . . .

Take your entire family on a vacation like Bill Garcia did . . .

Pay for your grandchildren’s education just like Richard Williams was able to . . .

You may have believed this was impossible until now. But with the “secret” Newsmax 401(k) plan, it’s all but inevitable!

In just a moment, I’ll show you how to enroll, and the website we’ve set up for new members.

But first, let me ask you one question . . .

Do You Want to Get Rich . . . Slowly?

This question may sound unusual, but it’s very important.

We’re looking for people who want to be rich in the next four or five years.

I mentioned earlier that there is one criterion for enrolling, and here it is:

If you don’t have even a sliver of patience, then this plan is just not for you.

See, we don’t chase after “get rich quick” stocks or complicated investments like options.

We’re not trying to double our money overnight. Over time, even if you get a few lucky hits, you’ll get just as many — if not more — losers that will cancel out your gains. That kind of risk is a road to nowhere in my book, and you don’t want the stress or fear that comes from watching your nest egg disappear.

Instead, we’re looking at specific companies that will make us rich inevitably . . . no matter what happens in the economy or the stock market.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying we’ll be sitting around for 25 years waiting to get rich.

In fact, I’ve shown members of the “secret” 401(k) plan double-digit annual gains since we kicked off this program. At that growth rate, even a very small investment can turn into a fortune quicker than you can imagine.

But my point is simple: This plan is for individuals who want to get rich inevitably, instead of shooting for the “lottery.”

It’s the kind of wealth that lasts and that can pay you a six-figure annual income.

That’s really the goal of this whole program . . . to build a massive nest egg that can fund all of your retirement expenses, without EVER touching your principal.

You might laugh at me here, but a million dollars isn’t all it’s cracked up to be . . .

Sure, you won’t hear this from all the “get rich quick” pundits playing to investors’ greed . . .

But you’d be amazed at how quick a million dollars could run out nowadays, even if you live a frugal lifestyle.

That’s why this 401(k) plan isn’t just about “getting rich” — it’s also about funding a full and unrestricted retirement, without the fear of EVER running out money.

That’s why income is the primary focus of all the investments we recommend in our “secret” Newsmax 401(k) plan...

So while it’s great that we’ve seen remarkable gains like . . .

  • 491% on a leading biotech company . . .
  • 137% from an international restaurant chain . . .
  • 139% on a pharmaceutical producer . . .
  • 134% on a nationwide bank . . .
  • 152% from a healthcare company . . .
  • 320% on a payment processor . . .
  • 290% from a research and development firm . . .

And so on...

If you've been putting off retirement because you just didn't think you had a large enough nest egg . . .

Or you thought you would have to go back to work because Social Security isn't covering as much as you expected . . .

Well, now you can have the retirement you imagined.

Imagine collecting a six-figure annual salary . . . no work, no worries, no watching your investments.

Just walking to your mailbox and getting a check, month after month.

A check that could be 10 times larger than your average Social Security check.

That’s what the investment recommendations that we use inside the “secret” Newsmax 401(k) plan can give you, just like they have for so many others.

Remember, we’re only admitting new members for a short time. After that, we’re shutting off the opportunity until the next enrollment period.

What’s more, we capped the maximum number of new members at 227 a day, just so our system isn’t overwhelmed.

Keep in mind, there are millions of people who will watch this presentation. Which means only a small fraction of our readership can join each day.

In other words, James and I can’t guarantee you a spot if you don’t act now.

That’s why I want to make the process as simple and easy as possible . . .

And that’s why I decided to do something radical . . .

I took everything I’ve uncovered during my research for this project and built a simple-to-use website that will show you everything you need to get started once you enroll in the “secret” Newsmax 401(k) plan.

There isn’t another website like it anywhere on the Internet.

It’s designed to walk you through the entire process — from start to finish. And it will take you just a few minutes to start putting this into practice.

All you have to do is go to the website . . . log in with a secure username and password, which I’ll provide you . . . and follow the steps to get started.

That’s it. You will be on the path to inevitable wealth — and a six-figure annual income.

Now, let me show you the three simple steps to get started.

The first step is to subscribe . . .

But don’t worry . . . it’s extremely simple to do and takes just a few minutes.

There is a link below this video that will take you directly to the short order form to get started.

All you have to do is enter your information and click the “submit” button, and you’ll receive an instant email confirmation to let you know you’ve been successfully signed up.

I’ve even included a toll-free 800 number to use just in case you would rather talk to a real person.

We will immediately email you your personal password to access the system.

Once you are enrolled, you can move on to step 2 . . .

Step 2 is to start following the “secret” Newsmax 401(k) plan.

All the information you will need is on my website, called The Dividend Machine. Here you will see all of the current investments we recommend in the 401(k) plan.

You can start small with just a single stock and ease your way into things, or if you are more seasoned, you can start putting larger amounts into your investment portfolio and really accelerate the growth of your nest egg.

Step 3 is the easiest: Start collecting your checks!

Once you make the moves I show you . . .

Your checks should start arriving in your mailbox in as little as a few months.

And they could continue to roll in — like clockwork — for the rest of your life.

Even better, you could also set this up for a family member or a friend . . . and they can continue to collect the money long after you’re gone.

Like I mentioned earlier, there are absolutely no age restrictions to collecting this money. Whether you’re 25 years old or 105, it doesn’t matter.

In fact, as I’ll show you on my website, there is a simple way to ensure that your nest egg continues to grow and grow, and the checks will get bigger and bigger.

And all you have to do to grow your account is add as little as 50 cents per day. This is something you can set up automatically . . . and I’ll show you how to do it as well.

It’s all on the website I’ve set up for you. And you can gain access in the next 10 minutes.

Here’s how . . .

To enroll in the “secret” Newsmax 401(k) plan, along with accessing the members’ website containing all the recommended investments, I simply ask that you agree to join my monthly research advisory, called the Dividend Machine.

You can try it out for the next 60 days absolutely risk free.

The goal of The Dividend Machine is simple . . .

To show you how to collect reliable income, month after month, that rolls in like clockwork.

Here’s everything that comes with your risk-free membership . . .


    You will get exclusive access to the Dividend Machine website. This website includes everything I’ve ever written about the “secret” 401(k) plan. Additionally, I have a suite of tools for you to use to get started . . .such as a free report called The Investing 101 Guide that will help novice investors get started with ease.


    This is a short 8-page newsletter that comes out monthly. I tell you what is happening in the stock market, and give you recommendations for your Dividend Machine portfolio. It’s a fun read that will help you navigate the stock market . . . and help you to never worry about losing money in stocks again.


    I put my Dividend Machine portfolio right out there for you to see. It has every stock I am recommending in the “secret” 401(k) plan . . . I tell you what price you should buy each stock for and when it is time, what price you should sell it for.


    Your membership also includes the entire library of special reports I have written for my members. This includes reports on the 5 best stocks to buy right now, the world’s greatest dividend stock, and the “slash your taxes” guide.


    Every Tuesday, I will send you an email from my personal computer . . . updating you on the portfolio and what is happening in the stock market.


    I also do weekly podcasts — these come out every Thursday. I record a short message and will usually go into detail on one or two stocks that are in your portfolio. You can listen to these on your daily commute, at home, or even while grocery shopping.


    When it’s time to make an adjustment to your Dividend Machine portfolio, I will send you an email. The email will give you trading instructions that you can share with your broker, or allow you to go online to make the trade on your own.


    If you have any questions about your membership — if it is a question about placing a trade or logging into the website, we have a team of over 30 trained customer service representatives who can assist you.

  • I will even include a Special Bonus: For the first 50 viewers who enroll today, I will send you a copy of my brand-new book, The Great American Dividend Machine. In this incredibly popular book, I detail how I got started on the road to absolute financial security and show you how a few simple, easy-to-follow rules can set you on the path to millionaire status. Normally this book retails for $24.95, but I will send you a copy absolutely FREE when you join my newsletter.

Today, you can join theDividend Machine for a full year for as little as $47.

First, however, I’d like to show you that even at that price, most folks consider the Dividend Machine an absolute bargain.

For example . . .

Gary McCartney, a fireman from Fort Lauderdale, Florida told us:

“The [Newsmax 401(k) plan] can change your life. This can make you sleep at night. It’s given me financial freedom like I’ve never had before. And the price, 26 cents a day, I mean come on. Where can you find solid advice like this pennies? It’s an incredible deal.”

— Gary McCartney


Jay Coffsky from Atlanta, Georgia, recently wrote in, saying:

“The [Newsmax 401(k) plan] costs just 26 cents a day. That’s just unbelievable. I’m getting confidence, I’m getting to direct my own investments, I’m getting returns like I never have before. My biggest gain is 400%.”

— Jay Coffsky


Carl Scilia, a sales rep from Lebanon, Pennsylvania, said:

“My gains have been as high as 80%. I have a bunch of gains like 15%, 20%, 30%, 35%, 40%. Believe it or not, the cost of the [Newsmax 401(k) plan] being only 26 cents a day. And if I had known that prior to my results I wouldn’t have believed it. Just like the stocks Bill picks, it’s an incredible value. The value is unbelievable. I mean 26 cents a day, for where it’s taking me, I can’t even fathom it.”

— Carl Scilia


I want you to become my latest success story!

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