How the little-known 9a Income Stream
could pay you up to $5,038 every month . . .

Bill Spetrino

Hi, my name is Bill Spetrino.

And today I want to reveal an unheralded investment plan I discovered years ago, one that holds the secret to a cash-rich retirement.

It’s also the exact plan I used to retire at the age of 42.

And I have complete confidence it can work for you no matter your age, income level, or investing experience.

I say that because when I discovered this plan, I had just started out investing, so I knew very little.

And I was only making $45,000 per year, so my income was modest.

But with this plan, I was able to retire a millionaire.

If I can do it, so you can you.

And in the next few minutes I’ll show you how in a few short years you could have a sizable nest egg set aside for your retirement.

After years of hard work, you’ll have the freedom to:

Travel— and see the world . . .

Enjoy the peace and quiet while fishing . . .

Have fun golfing with friends . . .

Start that restoration project you always wished you had time for . . .

Or just spend your days spoiling your grandkids.

All while having as much as $5,000 effortlessly coming in each month to pay for it all.

Yes . . . the good life.

It’s something we all dream of . . .

But for most retirees and near-retirees, sadly it’s a pipe dream.

And that’s a shame.

That’s because so few people know about an unheralded investing plan hiding in plain sight that could help most people attain this dream.

So let me ask about you . . .

How does your retirement plan look today?

It wouldn’t surprise me if you told me you have sleepless nights worrying about another stock market collapse.

Or that you cringe whenever you check your savings account balance because it shows that you don’t have as much money as you had hoped.

For tens of millions of baby boomers, the math doesn’t look good.

Don’t you wish you could get a break?

You’re not alone.

According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, half of American households with people age 55 and older have no retirement savings. Absolutely nothing.

They’re not the only ones reporting that.

Listen to this . . .

A report released by the Federal Reserve says that only 18 percent of Americans expect to have a traditional retirement, like the kind we all want.

Most of the respondents say they’ll be forced to work well into old age.

But past age 50, well-paying job prospects are bleak.

Forbes ran an article titled, “11 Sneaky Ways Companies Get Rid of Older Workers.”

The Dallas Morning News had this headline: “Older Workers Face Being Left Behind in Today’s Job Market.”

And The Washington Post ran this article: “Losing a Job Is Always Terrible. For Workers Over 50, It’s Worse.”

That said, the truth is, most people’s so-called golden years of easy living will be anything but.

Instead of golf or tennis with friends followed by a nice dinner out . . .

It’ll play out more like this:

Employed at Wal-Mart, chasing shopping carts in the parking lot.

Feeling tired, achy, and blue, yet forced to work teenager jobs for teenager wages.

Shopping at the Goodwill store.

Meals of ramen noodles, rice, and beans.

And asking the kids for financial help.

I don’t intend to scare you. Not at all.

But according to financial psychology — which studies the way we make decisions with our money — most people believe money will magically appear. Somehow.

But it won’t.

Not unless you have a realistic plan to fund your retirement.

One that’s different from traditional IRA and 401(k) accounts.

One that takes a different route from the investing strategies you’ve been told to follow all your life.

One that weathers the worst storms of Wall Street, like the one that happened in 2008, when the Dow lost a mind-blowing 777 points in just one day.

The good news is, pinching pennies like some old miser — and working at Wal-Mart — doesn’t have to be in the cards for you.

That’s because there’s an unheralded investing plan that could more than cover your living expenses.

One that could effortlessly pay you as much as five grand a month in income.

Without any strings attached.

It’s possible with something called the “9a Income Stream.”

And when I show you how it works, I believe it could become the game-changer you’ve been searching for.

Here — take a look and see how it’s funding the retirement of these folks:

Scott P., a resident of New York City, is paid $1,486.48 every 30 days.

William H., an Indianapolis resident, pockets monthly checks in the amount of $3,996.89.

He’s not the only one receiving a hefty income.

There’s Alan A., who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He gets $5,038.84 monthly.

Today I’ll show you how to get checks like this sent directly to your mailbox.

And it’s even possible you could be paid more.

A whole lot more.

Take a look:

Another New Yorker, Mike N., opens his mailbox every month to find a check in the amount of $29,084.61.

And on rare occasions, some people make as much as Michael G., a Dallas-area resident, who receives monthly checks in the amount of $36,893.34.

With income flowing in like that, you could live like a king.

But here’s the interesting part:

If you take action now, the first check could arrive in your mailbox starting in as little as three weeks.

In fact, you could receive over 16 checks throughout the year.

That could mean no more sleepless nights, worrying about your retirement.

Instead, you will . . .

Sleep peacefully no matter what is going on in the economy.

And it doesn’t matter if we are experiencing a good or bad stock market.

People who take advantage of the 9a Income Stream see the money flow in during good economic times without interruption.

That should be obvious.

But it’s true during bad economic times, too.

Checks arrive on time, without interruption.

Take, for instance, when the market tanked 777 points on September 29, 2008. That’s when the Great Recession kicked into high gear and lasted till June 2009.

Ronald W., a Richmond, Virginia resident, was in on this 9a Income Stream and he was still collecting $6,740 a month even as the stock market collapsed.

It doesn’t matter if the unemployment rate is climbing or falling.

Investors who know about the 9a Income Stream still get paid without missing a beat.

Just like James D., who collects $2,676 monthly.

It doesn’t matter what China — the second largest economy in the world — does, either.

On August 21, 2015, the Dow gave up 531 points from China’s currency manipulation. That was the eighth-largest drop in stock market history.

Despite that mess, James C., a Dallas-area resident, continued to collect his 9a Income Stream checks totaling $3,382 per month.

My point?

Lots of investors got wiped out in 2000 and 2008.

And it’s taken them years to recoup their losses.

Leaving them dazed and confused . . . wondering if they should even be in the market.

But if you know about the 9a Income Stream, you don’t have to worry about the economy or Wall Street’s dramatic swings.

You can get on with your life and enjoy it to the fullest.

Knowing you’ll still be paid . . . no matter what happens in the economy or on Wall Street.

But there’s another reason why the 9a Income Stream is exciting.

This one will really get your blood pumping.

That’s because with a simple modification, the 9a Income Stream could pay you over a million dollars.

Now, as incredible as that sounds, when I show you how it’s done it’ll make perfect sense to you.

But before I show you how to do this, let me tell you a little more about me, and how the 9a Income Stream changed my life.

As I mentioned at the beginning, my name is Bill Spetrino.

Probably the first thing you should know about me is that I’m not a Wall Street insider.

My story is really simple.

I graduated from John Carroll University and became a certified public accountant.

But after I got my first job I began to realize that working for somebody else wasn’t something I wanted to do for another 45 days, let alone another 45 years of my life.

That’s when I decided to find a way out of the rat race.

So I started to read every book about investing I could get my hands on and studied the best investors in the world.

And boy did it pay off.

That’s because I learned about an unheralded investing plan that empowered me to retire early. At age 42.

With over seven figures in my account.

It wasn’t by socking large sums of money into my 401(k).

It wasn’t by betting on the next sexy tech stock.

It wasn’t by day-trading.

It wasn’t with penny stocks.

It wasn’t by settling for the paltry returns that bonds, CDs, or money-market funds pay out.

What I did was safer, easier, and more lucrative.

Once I met my retirement financial goals, I didn’t go out and buy a Rolls Royce, a huge new house, or a fancy boat.


My lifestyle remained the same.

Debt-free and low-key.

I’m a happily married man of 24 years and a doting father.

I prefer to live a life of simplicity in the suburbs, residing in a 2,100-square-foot home just outside of Cleveland.

What’s important to me is I can spend my time however I choose.

For example, if I want to eat lunch with my daughter at her school, I can.

Likewise, if I want to enjoy a round of golf during the day — I can.

There’s no need for me to report to an office anymore.

And there’s no more worrying about money.

Those days are gone for good.

The wealth I’ve built up continues to grow whether the economy is good or bad.

Financially, I’m set for life.

However, what’s really important to me is that I share with you how you can achieve the same thing.

It’s incredibly simple, and to date, I have shown thousands of people how to follow in my footsteps.

Here’s what a few of them have to say:

But back to you.

Earlier, I showed you that it’s possible to get sizable checks sent to you every month.

And how they could be for as much as $5,000.

You can use those monthly checks to:

  • Pay bills.
  • Pad your retirement account.
  • Pay off your mortgage.
  • Or help pay for your children’s or grandchildren’s education.

The possibilities are exciting to ponder.

Here’s something else . . .

The money the 9a Income Stream pays you can even lower your taxes!

I’ll tell you more about that later.

First, it only makes sense now to explain what exactly the 9a Income Stream is.

For starters, this isn’t some investment trick.

Nor is it a secret class of investments.

It’s something the mainstream media rarely talks about because — put bluntly — it’s not sexy like stocks such as Google, Tesla, or Facebook.

Watching a stock’s share price go up or down is what hooks viewers.

But this isn’t about risky bets on high-flying stocks.

So without media attention, this 9a Income Stream stays hidden in plain view of millions of Americans.

And that’s too bad.

But let me share with you how it works . . .

Every year, when it’s time to do your taxes, either you or your tax preparer comes across a section on the 1040 tax return form that’s titled “Income.”

Line 9a in that section says, “Ordinary dividends. Attach schedule B if required.”

Below it, on 9b, it says, “Qualified dividends.”

This is something most people glance over without giving it much thought.

But it holds the key to retiring with a seven-figure nest egg, just like I did.

This particular section of the 1040 tax form refers to dividend payments that you may have received from various stocks you own. And that’s why I call it the “9a Income Stream.”

Now with my help, and by using the 9a Income Stream, you can add big numbers to those sections in the next few years — signaling your retirement is fully funded.

By the way, in case you’re not familiar with dividend stocks, here’s what they are:

These are companies that pay people who own their stock a portion of their company’s earnings.

And that comes in the form of dividend payments which may be paid out monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Let’s look at an example of how this works . . .

Suppose that Company A pays out a 5% dividend every year (what’s called an annual yield). And you have $10,000 invested in this company.

The annual yield of 5% multiplied by your investment of $10,000 would amount to $500 in dividends paid to you, the shareholder, each year.

If this company pays its dividends every quarter (as most companies do), you would receive a check for $125 four times a year.

It’s truly effortless income.

  • No punching in a time clock to earn it.
  • No running a business to generate it.
  • No worries about the Fed’s interest rate policies affecting it.

If you think about it, it’s amazing that you can get companies to pay you for owning their stock.

It’s why companies that pay dividends are considered financially stable.

Some companies also steadily raise the dividend they pay to shareholders.

So if you hold the right companies, you could see your dividend checks grow bigger over the years without doing anything extra on your end.

And here’s another thing.

Even when the share price of one of these companies drops, the dividend will still get paid.

That’s music to the ears of any investor who simply wants reliable income no matter what Wall Street may be doing.

But it gets better.

Earlier I mentioned that there is a simple modification you can make to your 9a Income Stream that could result in it paying you over $1 million.

It all has to do with taking advantage of the power of compounding.

In the case of dividends . . . dividend compounding is done when your dividend payments are reinvested to purchase more shares of stock.

It becomes a snowball effect.

The more shares that your dividends buy, the more dividends that are paid to you.

Here, let me show you.

Let’s say you start with a $40,000 investment. And for 10 years, you reinvest your dividends right back into the 9a Income Stream.

At the end of that 10 years, your $40,000 would grow to $92,582.56.

And if you reinvested your dividends for 20 years, your nest egg would be worth $396,868.88.

And if you reinvested your dividends for 30 years, your nest egg would be worth an incredible $4,694,827.

That would make you a member of the seven-figure club.

Imagine what that could mean for your golden years.

Your debts paid off.

You could splurge a little.

Get an RV and take a road trip across the U.S.A.

Imagine what money like this could mean for your loved ones — your kids, your grandkids, even your great-grandkids.

You could really make a mark on this world by donating to the charities you care most about.

I want to bring you back to an important point here.

Notice that this kind of wealth is possible just from a one-time investment of $40,000.

However, there’s no minimum or maximum to invest. What you invest is completely up to you.

Similarly, you may not want to wait 20 or 30 years — or even 10 for that matter.

And that’s OK.

Simply by investing a little more here and there, your monthly checks will grow bigger over time.

But here’s why reinvesting even some of your dividends is so important . . .

According to research from the International Strategy and Investment Group, 53.8% of the wealth generated in the stock market since 1930 can be attributed to reinvested dividends.

So here’s how this looks in a simple example.

Suppose you put $1,000 into the S&P 500 in 1990. And assuming you get an average annual return of 8% . . . your $1,000 would grow to $7,396.35 by the end of 2016.

But if you put the same $1,000 into the S&P 500 in 1990 . . . and reinvested the dividends you received along the way . . . your $1,000 grows to an impressive $26,299.01.

That’s a nest egg almost four times larger, just by collecting and reinvesting your dividends.

See how much money is being left on the table when you chase after high-flying stocks that don’t pay dividends? By investing in dividend stocks, and reinvesting those dividends, you can accumulate vastly greater wealth.

The good news is it’s easy to do.

You don’t have to manually take your dividend checks and reinvest them to get more shares.

All it takes is a click of the mouse in your brokerage account or a simple phone call and your dividends will be automatically reinvested for you by the company.

So there’s no extra effort on your part.

As if that wasn’t good enough, there’s another advantage with dividend stocks . . . one that I alluded to earlier.

You could save a bundle in taxes.

Here’s why.

There are two classifications of dividends.

The first is what’s called ordinary dividends. They’re taxed as regular income.

This means the dividends you receive are taxed at your normal tax rate.

So if you are in the 25% tax bracket, your dividends are taxed at 25%

However, the second classification, called qualified dividends, are taxed as capital gains.

That means you may be in the 25% tax bracket, but your dividends will only be taxed at the capital gains tax rate of 15%.

Here’s an example of how that plays out.

Let’s say you earn around $45,000 a year from ordinary dividends, and your income tax bracket is 25% like I mentioned earlier. That would mean you’d have a tax liability of $11,250 (with no deductions factored in).

Now let’s say you brought in $45,000 a year from qualified dividends. You would pay a much lower tax rate of just 15%. Thus you’d have a smaller tax bill of only $6,750.

That would save you $4,500.

Are you starting to see the amazing advantages of investing in dividend stocks?

Now in case you’re wondering, not all dividend stocks are created equal. You can’t just buy any dividend stock, or invest in only those that pay the highest dividends.

Many companies with higher than normal dividends are in rough shape financially. This is because as the company’s share price falls, its dividend yield goes up. Investing in stocks with an unusually high dividend yield is a trap many new investors fall for, but one that I will steer you clear of.

Remember, we want to get into long-term, stable, well-managed companies that have a competitive advantage.

They must be companies that can be trusted to pay their dividend no matter what happens to the economy or Wall Street.

And they must be the type of company that’s able to grow the size of its dividend payouts.

Here’s something else to consider when investing.

You don’t want to overpay for the dividend either.

Now don’t worry — you don’t have to figure this out on your own.

I’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.

To get you started, I have written a special report that shows you step-by-step how to activate your 9a Income Stream.

Out of the 10,734 stocks trading on U.S. exchanges, I identified four dream-team dividend stocks for you to start building your 9a Income Stream with.

Put simply — these are trophy stocks.

As good as their dividend payments are, I fully expect them to increase these payments by 6 to 8 percent a year going forward.

That means the dividend checks you collect will get bigger every year.

You can read all about these four amazing stocks in my report titled:

The 9a Income Stream: The Secret to a Cash-Rich Retirement

I’ve arranged everything so you can get a copy of this blockbuster report within the next five minutes.

But first, let me tell you about what you’ll discover inside . . .

Here’s a remarkable company in the telecommunications industry that achieved a feat no other American company has.

CNN reports this company could become America’s first business to be worth $1 trillion.

Just last year, this company grew sales to businesses by 40 percent, according to Business Insider.

Tech Crunch reports it grew 75 percent in China.

That’s why it’s considered the king of its market within the telecommunications industry. And that sees no end in sight.

In fact, prospects on the horizon for this company are even better considering that at a cybersecurity summit last year at Stanford University, the CEO mentioned they’ve inked a deal with the U.S. government to help promote a relatively new payment method.

Beyond that, this is one of those companies that, had you gotten in on it in 1982, you could have grabbed shares for just $12. And today those shares would be around $100 each.

That’s a return of eight times your money.

However, with this one, you get a second chance.

I fully expect it will soon scream past $150 a share.

Plus, this company pays you an annual dividend yield of more than 2%.

And in just the last four years, this company has increased its dividend by almost 51%.

Put bluntly, this is the safest investment of our time, with plenty of potential to help you grow your wealth through capital gains and dividend payments.

You can get the name, ticker symbol, and full details on this play inside your FREE 9a Income Stream report.

Now on to the next trophy stock you won’t want to miss.

This company is a titan of the hardware and software industry. It’s also a deeply undervalued stock, making it even more attractive.

Today it trades around $140 a share but is expected to jump to $180 a share in five years — generating a 29.5% gain.

Over the past decade, this company has raised its dividends per share by 450%.

In 2014 alone, this company paid shareholders more than $4.7 billion in dividends.

This titan is looking to rule the cloud computing and cybersecurity industry.

To facilitate this, it has 49 cloud data centers around the world. And as of this writing, 47 of the Fortune 50 companies are using its cloud computing services.

And to gain more market share in the cybersecurity industry, it has gone on a merger and acquisition spree.

One of its acquisitions provides security software to over 100 of the Fortune 500 companies.

This stock also carries a hefty 3.77% annual yield — which comes out to an annual dividend of $5.20 per share.

Ten grand invested in this stock, along with reinvested dividends, would turn into $11,247.82.

Full details on this stock are found inside the 9a Income Stream report.

Next up, one of the biggest technology companies in America that pays a handsome dividend.

Here’s a company on the cutting edge . . .

It’s a world leader in building the chips that power our smartphones and other wireless devices.

And it just posted a huge numbers in its last earnings announcement.

Net income jumped 22% compared to the same quarter last year . . .

And shipments of its most advanced chip soared 11% year over year.

This company has a market cap nearing $100 billion, and currently pays a powerful 3.5% dividend yield.

Since the beginning of the financial crisis in 2007, it’s grown its dividend 342%, and never missed a single payment. This company is a solid blue-chip.

And as mobile devices becomes an ever-increasing part of our daily lives, this company will continue to dominate its industry.

Full details are laid out in the 9a Income Stream report.

And finally . . .

There’s a famous Warren Buffett saying:

And that applies to a company that’s in the oil industry, which has seen bloodshed due to the cratering of oil prices.

However, this is not your typical oil company.

It’s a global leader that provides equipment for oil and gas drilling and production operations.

It conducts operations in over 1,200 locations across six continents.

Over the past 13 years this company has strengthened its portfolio with over 300 acquisitions.

And it continues to do so today.

It’s almost like the company is buying up all the best spots on the Monopoly board.

Eventually, oil prices will stabilize and bounce back.

When that happens, this industry leader will be front and center.

And investors will be able to reap massive profits.

The good news?

Share prices are down from recent highs, so now’s the perfect time to back up the truck and load up on them.

Aside from all that upside potential, this stock pays you a 6.40% annual yield.

If you were to put 40 grand into this stock and reinvest those dividends for 10 years, you would have $89,776.27.

You’d more than double your money.

If you reinvested your dividends for 20 years, you would have $365,714.82. That’s over a quarter of a million dollars.

And if you have the option to do it for 30 years, you would have $3,983,912.

That’s incredible.

Tally up these four companies together, and you stand to get 16 effortless income checks a year.

That’s an average of one check a month sent to your mailbox or deposited into your account.

Could money like that really change your life?

I bet it could.

By the way, these four plays are so exciting, I wish I had the opportunity to get into plays like them when I was first starting out.

It could have really made things easier receiving a check like this — every month.

The full details on these four trophy plays including name and ticker symbol are inside your copy of The 9a Income Stream: The Secret to a Cash-Rich Retirement.

This report is a $99 value.

However, you cannot buy it here.

Or anywhere for that matter.

That’s because it’s yours FREE today when you accept a test-drive to my advisory service, The Dividend Machine.

Without a doubt, it’s the best move you can make for your financial future.

That’s because The Dividend Machine opens up this exciting world of dividend investing that most people have no clue exists.

You can finally stop leaving yourself dangerously exposed to violent market crashes.

Or finally escape the fool’s errand of chasing lottery ticket stocks that do nothing but make you poorer in the long run.

This is steady wealth accumulation for serious investors who are tired of games.

The Dividend Machine gives you the full scoop on the best dividend stocks of our time that can pay you effortless income each and every month.

Now earlier I mentioned there are about 10,734 stocks listed on the major exchanges.

Over the past 20 years, I have perfected a system for finding and investing only in the “best of breed” stocks.

For a dividend stock to make my buy list, it must follow these rules:

Rule 1: The 50-Year Test
I first evaluate a company top to bottom, going as far back as 50 years through its financial history. New companies and start-ups aren’t considered.

Rule 2: The Interrogation
Next, the dividend stock must pass an interrogation process. From what we’ve seen in recent years with companies like WorldCom, Lehman Brothers, and Enron, financials can be fudged. So I go even deeper into the rabbit hole, by calling and/or meeting with company managers at all levels. Everything from how they manage, to their products, their supply chains, their order pipelines, and more is examined with a fine-toothed comb.

Rule 3: The Checklist
As if that wasn’t enough, there’s more to my process. Twenty years of in-the-trenches investing experience has shown me 16 additional points a company must meet in order for it to make my buy list. Like a pilot who must go through a checklist before he flies, a dividend stock must pass that checklist before it makes the cut.

So how well have my recommendations worked out?

To date, members of The Dividend Machine have enjoyed gains like these:

  • Verizon 79.88%
  • Automatic Data Processing 67.55%
  • Kraft 58.36%
  • Old Republic International 60.35%
  • American International Group 82.47%
  • Cisco Systems Inc. 38.86%
  • EMC Corporation 19.99%

As great as those returns are, some of my members were able to more than double their money, sometimes in as little as one year.

Here are some plays that more than doubled the money of Dividend Machine members:

  • Intel Corp. 108.41%
  • Assured Guaranty 109.21%
  • Forest Labs 290.01%
  • Altria 382.98%

Take this last stock, Altria.

Had you put $40,000 into this stock, your investment would have grown into $193,192 in just four years.

That’s life-changing money right there.

Investments like these have made a huge difference in the lives of my readers.

Here’s what they say about it:

I’d love for you to get in on the action just like my current members.

And you can.

That’s because over the next 12 to 18 months I expect there to be even more exciting opportunities.

The reason why: Interest rates are low. So money will pour into these high-yield investments I recommend, pushing share prices higher.

That means easy profits for members of The Dividend Machine.

Yet, these are glittering opportunities that most people will miss out on.

Instead, they’ll try to figure out how to stretch their meager Social Security check — which, by the way, only averages $1,341 per month.

Can you live on that?

Most people can’t.

That’s why they’ll reluctantly take their tired, aching bodies to Wal-Mart . . . and work till their bodies burn out.

I don’t want you to sleepwalk into this dystopian future.

You don’t have to.

Not when you can get a FREE copy of The 9a Income Stream: The Secret to a Cash-Rich Retirement.

I’ll show you what to buy, how long to hold it, and exactly when to sell.

It’ll be the closest thing to having me there with you to build your own 9a Income Stream.

But this gets better.

When you give The Dividend Machine a try, I’ll also give you a complete retirement kit that can turn your situation around.

Even if the dot-com bust hit you hard . . .

Even if 2008 wiped out half your life savings . . .

Even if the housing market nearly broke you . . .

And even if higher taxes bruised you . . .

This is your bounce-back kit.

It’s designed to work even if you have to start late in life.

Inside your kit, you’ll get the five following reports:

Here’s a little-known way you can beef up your income.

It’s a move most people don’t know about, except for insiders.

For instance, guys like Warren Buffett and Carl Icahn use it behind the scenes to juice up their profits.

However, you can use it too to uncork as much as 10% profit on shares of your existing dividend stocks.

So let’s say you take one of the dividend stocks I mention in the 9a Income Stream report that pays a 6.40% annual yield.

On a $50,000 investment, that yield over the course of one year would pay you $3,200 in dividends.

Now — with this special move I will share with you, you could generate an additional $5,000 in profit.

That gives you a total of $8,200 in profit from just one dividend stock.

But this gets better.

You don’t have to sell a single share of stock if you don’t want to.

And you can generate these profits in just 30 days.

And you can repeat this move over and over throughout the year.

Wringing an extra 10% in profit here and there as you wish.

Do this five times a year on your dividend stocks, and that’s an extra $25,000 deposited into your nest egg.

Now don’t mistake me.

This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme.

It’s simply a way to uncork more profits on your dividend stocks.

You’ll discover step-by-step exactly how to do it in this special report.

It’s a $99 value.

But it’s yours FREE when you try The Dividend Machine today.

Inside this report, I’ll take you behind the scenes and show you the exact steps I use to evaluate every stock I put on my buy list.

It’s a complete blueprint that teaches you how to do what I do — for yourself.

With this skill, you can set yourself up so you can eventually live where you want, travel where you want, and comfortably provide for your family.

And boy does it work.

It’s the secret to how I was able to retire at age 42.

And I did it while supporting a family on a modest income.

So there’s no reason why it can’t work for you too.

Some of what you’ll see inside this report includes:

  • The secret to finding stocks that regularly increase their dividends.
  • How to harness the power of compounding returns so your money machine builds itself
  • How to choose companies that are loaded with cash but little debt
  • The best way to know when’s the best time to buy the stock and how much to pay for it
  • The secret to identifying the true health of a company
  • Plus so much more.

This is the only place I know of where you can get the “CliffsNotes” to a step-by-step plan like this.

Of course, you’re under no obligation to seek out dividend stocks on your own.

You can simply refer to the plays I recommend in my 9a Income Stream report as well as in the monthly issues of The Dividend Machine.

However, if you’re remotely interested in attaining this money-making skill, this report will help you do exactly that.

This report, like the others, is a $99 value, but it’s yours FREE with your trial subscription to The Dividend Machine.

Now for the next report in your retirement kit.

According to the U.S. Social Security Administration, the average Social Security payment for a retired worker is just $1,341 per month. That’s not much money.

But what if there was a way to increase the size of your payouts?

There may be, if you play it just right.

Since you’ve paid thousands of dollars into Social Security all your working life, it’s vital you know exactly what you must do to get the most benefit out of the program.

That’s exactly the point of this special report.

This special report is written in plain English so you can easily understand it.

Plus — it quickly clues you in to the exact things you should know to maximize your payout.

This saves you hours of time and frustration.

Inside this 12-page report, you’ll discover:

  • The critical decision of when to choose to take your benefits. Make the wrong choice here — and it could cost you big time
  • What exact benefits you may be entitled to
  • Factors to consider when choosing to begin receiving Social Security
  • What you should know about taxes and Social Security
  • How to avoid common mistakes retirees make that cost them later
  • Strategies for divorced and surviving spouses
  • And much more.

It’s everything you need to make the most of the money you have coming to you. This special report is a $99 value.

It’s yours at no cost with your trial subscription to The Dividend Machine.

Next up . . .

A study by the New School for Social Research shows that 75 percent of Americans planning to retire have less than $30,000 in savings.

Even more surprising, the Financial Consumer Protection Bureau found that only 30 percent of all homeowners age 70 or older have mortgages.

I could go on with similar statistics, but you get the point.

Most people in or near retirement age aren’t in an advantageous financial position.

Now the 9a Income Stream should help with that.

But — even when you’re starting late in the race — it helps to have an additional bag of tricks to guarantee your money outlasts you.

And that’s exactly what this report is about.

Inside you’ll learn about:

  • The single best move you can make — outside of investing — that could quickly and easily beef up your retirement fund
  • Another Wall Street-proof income stream you could tap into that could fund your retirement — the catch is that the cash stops when a recipient dies
  • What you need to know about long-term care insurance and how it could meet your needs should you or your spouse need nursing home care
  • How the “TIPS Strategy” could protect you from rising inflation
  • The easiest passive income move you could make that turns something you already have into a $150-a-day cash-cow
  • The best way to manage your dividend cash so it goes further
  • Plus, there’s much, much more in here.

Like your other reports, this is a $99 value.

Just one of these 10 strategies could mean thousands of dollars in savings or newfound income.

That’s why you definitely don’t want to miss this report.

It’s yours when you take a look at The Dividend Machine today.

But that’s not all you’re getting.

Here’s what’s next in this package . . .

To get the most value out of your membership in The Dividend Machine, I’ve included this special report.

It lays the foundation for everything we do here.

This is perfect for people who know virtually nothing about investing, much less dividend stocks.

And it’ll show new tricks for seasoned pros.

  • Inside this special report, you’ll learn how to make the most of the model portfolios on our private member’s website
  • You’ll learn how to open a trading account
  • How to buy and sell stocks
  • How the stock market works
  • The ABC’s of stocks — including how to make money from them
  • What makes stock prices rise
  • What makes dividend prices rise
  • What you should know about bonds, IPOs, mutual funds, ETFs, REITs, and more

In a nutshell, this report educates you on the world of stocks and investing.

Each of these reports is a $99 value.

They’re yours absolutely FREE when you give The Dividend Machine a try.

These reports plus the 9a Income Stream report are a complete retirement kit.

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That’s less than most people’s daily coffee habit.

Aside from the six reports I mentioned, here’s what you’ll get when you join The Dividend Machine:

  • Monthly issues

    Each monthly issue gives you insight on how to build your own dividend machine.

    You’ll get in-depth insight into the companies I’m showcasing. Why they’re picked . . . and what they mean for you long term.

    Whether you have practically no savings or you have plenty to your name — you’ll get insight on how you can achieve your financial goals.

    Plus, you’ll receive 10 to 14 new picks a year. As you saw earlier, I’m extremely selective about what I recommend.

    My goal is for every play to be a big win for you.

    Your issues of The Dividend Machine will be mailed to you on the 25th of each month. Plus, you’ll receive a digital version you can read on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

  • Weekly Email Updates
    Every week I’ll email you an update covering market developments and expectations. Plus you’ll get guidance on every stock recommended. That way you won’t ever be caught flat-footed.

  • Weekly Podcasts
    I also do weekly podcasts — these come out every Thursday. I record a short message and will usually go into detail on one or two stocks that are in your portfolio. You can listen to these on your daily commute, at home, or even while grocery shopping.

  • The Dividend Machine Portfolios
    You’ll get access to our three portfolios. The first is our conservative portfolio that can safely see you through good and bad economies. Then there’s our aggressive yielders; these carry some risk but offer you faster, more lucrative growth. Plus you get access to our international portfolio — so you won’t be limited to just U.S. opportunities. All in all, you’ll have a complete set of dividend stocks to invest in according to your financial goals.

  • Private Members Website
    You’ll get access to my password-protected website. As you’ll soon see, it’s a treasure chest of investment wisdom, tips, and ideas that could help you bounce back even if previous market crashes wiped you out. Here, you can read past monthly issues, weekly updates, and reports. As new reports are released, you can read them here.

  • Trade Alerts
    When it’s time to make an adjustment to your Dividend Machine portfolio, I will send you an email. The email will give you trading instructions that you can share with your broker, or allow you to go online to make the trade on your own.

  • Complete Customer Service Support
    If you have any questions about your membership — whether it is a question about placing a trade or logging into the website — we have a team of over 30 trained customer service representatives who can assist you.

  • I will even include a Special Bonus: I will send you a copy of my brand-new book, The Great American Dividend Machine. In this incredibly popular book, I detail how I got started on the road to absolute financial security and show you how a few simple, easy-to-follow rules can set you on the path to millionaire status. Normally this book retails for $24.95, but I will send you a copy absolutely FREE when you join The Dividend Machine today.

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  • The 9a Income Stream
  • The Profit Multiplier
  • Rich by Friday
  • Strategies for Maximizing Your Social Security
  • 10 Ways to Guarantee You Won’t Outlive Your Money
  • The Investing 101 Guide

Plus monthly issues, weekly updates, podcasts, access to the portfolios, the members-only website, trade alerts, customer service support, and a copy of my brand-new book.

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A year from now you could either be in the same place you are now . . .

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But it will not happen — unless you act now.

Every day that passes is a day your money is not working to make you more.

It’s called opportunity cost.

Charlie Munger, a renowned investor and businessman who’s the vice-chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and right-hand man to Warren Buffett, has this to say about opportunity cost:

“Intelligent people make decisions based on opportunity costs.”

That said, how much money are you willing to leave on the table?

One of my very first recommendations, Forest Labs, generated a total return of 290% for my readers. It did that in just one year.

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